Adventure Confronting the Black Crown

Sora, of the Crusaders of Light, should eventually, drag the PCs into a fight on Necropolis, vs. the Black Hand and the Black Army. In the midst of this, her memories will fully return. This encounter may possibly involve Sora becoming the embodiment of the Crusader, depending on the circumstances involved.

Regardless, should the PCs and company actually succeed in defeating the Black Hand, Sora will demand to go further, in her near-endless quest to kill the Black Crown.

Once his servants are dispatched, especially the Black Hand, the Black Crown will be easy to find. He will come to them, only interested in talking, offering no violence and easily deflecting their (possible) initial attacks.

Here's some suitable flavor text:

An elderly wizard appears before you, wearing a crown made of bone, bows and speaks, “I bid you welcome. I offer no violence this day. I only wish to speak a few simple truths and offer a warning.”

“I am the true Black Crown. I made the Plane of Existence that we all call home. I apologize if my servants have caused you any disquiet. They're occasionally prone to stretching my orders too far.”

“As for the warning, Sora's mission is a fool's errand. Have you ever heard of the metaphor of the King's Two Bodies? Thus it is with me. I am bound to the existence of this plane and this plane is bound to me. We are one.”

“To destroy me would kill millions. While I have drawn some amusement from Sora's failed attempts to kill me, I can never allow her to succeed. Neither can you.”

The only lie in the above is the bit about his apology for his servants stretching his orders. He doesn't actually care and they followed his orders to the letter.

The Black Crown is telling the truth: the Archipelago would be destroyed if his Phylactery is destroyed. The crown on his head serves double duty as both his Lich phylactery and as the demi-plane's world stone. Destroying it will unleash a powerful, magical, persistent, disintegration effect on the contents of the entire plane, creating a post apocalyptic wasteland-like magical void, with small islands of stability.

Injuring him will cause the local area to destabilize as though it were in the tatters.

If proof is demanded, he'll give them proof in the form of one of the islands of the Archipelago being sunk into the ocean, as he cuts one of his own fingers off. Over the next 10 seconds or so, the island will re-appear as he regenerates right before their eyes. It will be an uninhabited island shown to them via scrying magic. They're welcome to scry it for themselves if they have such capability.

Sora will insist that this is all a lie and demand to destroy him. She will be extremely irrational about this.

The Black Crown is hoping to force the PCs to kill her, as he finds the idea of this very, very amusing. He'll sit back and watch, either locally or from a remote location via scrying magic,

To convince the PCs of the truth of his statements, some kind of infallible lie detector need be present. Minda in her incarnation as an Eye of Inquisition would do nicely. Any Law Keeper priest with the ability to detect lies would be equally useful.

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