Adventure: Show on the Road

  • Child of a family of wizards is kidnapped.
  • No one saw it happen except the kid's toys.
    • Group of 10 Action Figures of the most common set.
      • The kid named them.
        • Princess (Miranda)
        • Knight (George)
        • Valiant Steed (Mary)
        • Thief (Sneaky)
        • Wizard (Mr. Magician)
        • Peasants (Joseph, Luke, Valentina and Willow)
          • Two male, two female
        • Dragon (Burnie the Dragon)
    • Perhaps some stuffed animal golems, too?
  • The Princess was instructed long ago by the parents to keep the kid safe.
    • The parents gave her a magic wand that glows brighter when it's pointed in the direction of the kid.
      • This was so she'd always be able to find the kid.
      • The parents trusted it to her so it wouldn't be lost.
        • Then they forgot about it completely.
  • Parents didn't notice that the Action Figures were gone, too.
    • They followed the kidnappers.
    • They're encountered by the PCs on the road, stuck in some mud.

Current Status: Unused

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