Racial Golems

  • Golems made of materials appropriate to specific races and cultures
    • Part of another adventure?
    • Standardized golems by race and/or tech level?
TL Materials
0 Bone, Clay, Copper, Flesh, Ivory, Leather, Stone, Wood
1 Bronze, Gold, Silver
2 Chain, Concrete, Glass, Iron
3 Porcelain, Steel
5 Rubber
6 Aluminum, Bakelite
7 Plastic, Titanium
8 Ballistic Gel, Carbon Fiber, Silicon
Race Material Notes
Brownie/Pixie Action Figure
Crystallinus Crystal
Dark One Tar
Dwarf Mithril
Elf, Drow Adamantite
Elf, Faerie Gold
Elf, Half-Elf Clay
Elf, High Topiary Need to build a template
Living plants carefully grown and trimmed in the desired shape
This would require daily watering and possibly time spent rooted in soil
Would have No Legs (Sessile) or No Legs (Portable) if potted
Elf, Grey Marble
Elf, Rockseer Stone
Elf, Winged Glass
Elf, Wood Leather Need to build a template
This is layer after layer of tanned leather, stitched together with leather strips
Optionally with a furred layer on the outside
Ghoul Bone
Goblin, Primitive Garbage
Goblin, Advanced Rubber
Gnome, Forest Scarecrow
Gnome, Rock or Deep Aluminum
Need to build a template for aluminum
Grippli Bronze
Halfling, Furchin Ice
True Ice
Halfling, Hairfoot Porcelain
Halfling, Stout Iron
Halfling, Tallfellow Wood
Human Steel
Human, Pygmy Ivory
Kobold Rags
Leprechaun Treasure I've got a file for one of these among the mosters
Medusa Petrified Human I've got a file for these in an adventure
Modron Origami
Orc Iron Chain
Orc, Orog Steel Chain

Current Status: Unused

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