Adventure: "Where's my Widgermahoozit?"

  • Ellywick Wimkin of the Goblin Slayers (Pre-Slayer) has lost her uber-gadget (Her Widgermahoozit).
    • She's always losing it, but it almost always turns up.
    • This time it's really lost.
  • She asks the PCs to find it.
    • The last place she remembers having it was in her laboratory located in There/Not There.
    • It currently looks like a magic wand that gives the user luck when they shake it.
  • She set it down outside on her front porch while testing a new illusion spell.
  • The local kids hang around to watch her illusion tests.
    • One of them picked it up after she went back inside.
  • The Search
    • Most of the following people want something before they'll help.
    • Locals point them to a small, grubby boy that had a wand earlier.
      • Free advice.
    • He lost it to a bully after a beating.
      • Wants the bully beat up. The PCs will have to promise to do something horrible to the bully.
    • The bully sold it to a pawn shop.
      • Wants cash before he'll talk, but threatening him works, too.
    • An illusionist bought it, thinking it might be something interesting.
      • The illusionist wants his money back, before he'll give it up.
      • After many tests, he realized it wasn't entirely magical.
        • He just kind of assumed it was and then started analyzing it.
    • He loaned it to an engineer friend of his who set it on the counter in his lab.
      • The engineer will help them as long as the illusionist is happy.
      • He was planning to analyze it after lunch.
    • His young daughter picked it up, put on a tutu and a pair of fake wings and started playing fairy god-mother to a bunch of toads in the back yard.
      • She wants a “real” magic wand.
      • The toads are a heavily mutated left-over from a magical experiment.
      • They're smarter than normal and very friendly.
      • They make good pets.
    • After an hour or so, she got bored and left it there.
    • One of the toads dragged it off to it's home (a hole in the ground), because it likes shiny things.
      • The toad will try to bite them (it's harmless, but looks just like a poisonous variety of toad) unless they distract it with something shiny.
      • The hole has a few gems and random change in it, too.
      • There's also loads of tinsel and foil candy wrappers.

Current Status: Unused

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