Adventure: Witch Hunt

  • The PCs are on their way to somewhere else.
    • Long journey.
    • They find a village just as it's getting dark.
      • “Ah, let's stay here for the night.”
      • “Oh hey, there's a tavern! We can get something warm to eat and a room!”
    • While they're eating, they hear the villagers gossiping about them.
      • They don't realize the story being told is about the PCs.
      • The PCs can take credit for the tale, or a “quiet fellow” can point them out.
      • The “quiet fellow” asks them for their help hunting down a “demon-summoning witch.”
    • Their employer is a warlock (Member of the Behne clan).
      • He's been trying to find and kill a witch (Member of the Bel clan).
      • “I saw her summon a water demon!”
    • They're approached later by the witch.
      • She wants them to help her hunt down a “demon summoning warlock.”
      • “I saw him summon a fire demon!”
    • As it turns out, both of them have been summoning monsters, attempting to frame the other.

Current Status: Unused

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