Broken Dungeon

Take an ordinary dungeon map. Add traps and other interesting mechanisms as you feel appropriate.

The PCs get a detailed map of the place. For whatever reason. It's labeled with lots of interesting things to find/collect. Possibly it was previously explored and the loot was stacked for later reteival by other adventurers that never returned, due to dangers encountered on the way back.

There's just one huge problem. The map is quite old and the land has changed. This should be visible from the outside and give the PCs an early clue.

For example, the map describes a gently rolling hill being above the dungeon. There's actually a sheered off cliff where the hill once was, due to the collapse of an unknown, massive sink-hole in the vicinity of the dungeon (or whatever convenient excuse works; I'm not an engineer).

Inside, things are even worse. There's now a huge chasm cutting the dungeon in half! The dungeon (for whatever reason) was neatly cut in half and half of it was carried away by the collapse.

The PCs reach the end of a hallway and find that the other half is on the other side of the chasm and has even shifted sideways. However shall they cross the chasm?

This would likely prove no trouble at all for a powerful group of adventurers and would simply add some interesting spice to the mix. For a weak group, it might pose an interesting problem all on it's own.

Cruel GMs (or those wishing to challenge their players a little more) might just say that the accident was recent or even have it happen while the PCs are inside! This should make the moved portion of the dungeon unstable and dangerous. Really cruel GMs could have the tunnel break when only half the party has crossed the threshold they've decided on.

It's possible that this is part of an elaborate trap set by the original designer of the dungeon…

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