Household Golems

Golems made from ordinary tools can become quite amazingly useful. See the Candle Golem and Lantern Golem for two good examples.

Household Golems:

  • Burning Glass
  • Chest, Wooden
    • It carries your stuff for you
  • Compass
    • Knows how to read a map and point the way
    • Special ones could detect and point out other things
  • Corrective Spectacles
    • These never get lost and come when they're called
  • Hand Mirror
  • Musical Instrument
    • Plays music on command
  • Rope
    • No one will ever expect the rope to be a golem!
  • Tall Mirror

Other Household Golems:

  • Personal Servant
    • Pocket-sized, but unfolds into a small golem with pencil-thin limbs

Not Exactly a Household Golem:

  • Bomb Golem
    • Made out of a Chinese Iron Bomb (p. LT85)
  • Firecracker Golem
    • Origami golem with a body full of black powder
  • Mini-Trap/Man Trap/Monster Trap
    • Has a nasty bite and knows how to hide!
  • Tent
    • It sets itself up!
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