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Cult of Profit

The members of this religion have a very unusual point of view: the process of getting gain brings one closer to the divine.

Needless to say, most in the archipelago think they're nuts, but their belief is so strong that it appears to have given their priests the power to work miracles. However, they always charge for this.

The followers of this religion hold to the following beliefs (in order of importance):

  1. Profit is holy.
  2. Always seriously consider any offer of payment.
  3. Honesty is the best policy. It gets you repeat customers.
  4. Community profit is as important as personal profit.

Most of them will do almost anything for money. Invariably, they're business owners of some kind, but usually small business owners. They're very active members of the community, helping to raise the profitability of the entire area.


The priests of this religion are peculiar.

It is believed that through sheer belief alone they gain the power to work miracles. This is not actually the case.

They are all uniformly soulless. They have actually leased their souls out to extra-dimensional beings in exchange for power. The more foolish of them have outright sold their souls. By any kind of check for a soul, they will register as not having one. This counts as a Supernatural Feature (B157) for -5 points.

In exchange, they receive various gifts, such as spell-casting abilities, healing abilities, etc. These gifts usually have the Pact Limitation (see p. B113) attached to Vow (Always consider offers of payment) [-5].

All of them gain a perk known as Infinite Money Pocket, which allows them to store an unlimited amount of money in an extra-dimensional space, simply by reaching into their pocket. They must be wearing an article of clothing with pockets or be holding a money purse for this to work. To store money, they simply reach into their pocket or money purse with money in hand and it disappears. To get money out, they reach in and the amount of money they desire appears in their hand. This process works a handful at a time and only works on money that the priest actually owns. When they die, any money they're carrying this way is apparently irretrievable. They claim that it goes with them to the afterlife. They always know exactly how much money is in this extra-dimensional pocket.

They also all gain another perk that is closely related to Infinite Money Pocket, called Changemaker. This works just like the above perk, only it allows them to instantly convert one form of currency into another, without an exchange fee. It also allows them to always make change from large value monetary units or convert lots of smaller units into larger ones.

Profit priests are regularly found in busy port cities near the docks, exchanging currencies for a 5-10% fee.

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