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Iron Hall

The Dwarves of Iron Hall have a strangle hold on the iron industry for the Archipelago, producing 95% of all iron used.

Iron Hall is also the chief producer of high-quality weapons and armor. “Nothing beats Dwarven craftsmanship. You can't go wrong buying Dwarven weapons!” is one of the common sayings found on the posters they distribute through-out the region via the Couriers.

The Dwarves are on very good terms with the Tinkers, who live beneath their tunnels. The Dwarves give them refined metals in exchange for cut gems, which they re-sell on the surface. The Tinkers and the Dwarves often work together on projects, especially mining projects. They share information on mining resources, allowing each to work at their own specialties. The Dwarves serve as an intermediary for the Tinkers in dealings with most surface folk.

They're currently in a state of cold war with the neighboring Elven kingdom, Crescentia, over a trade dispute involving the bridge between the two islands. Any kind of interference will likely change this situation, either for good or ill.

Their island is named Iron Peak.

Their king is Tiragi Bladeshaman.

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