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This is a complex category of Faerie creatures, including both Faerie spirits and several types of physical Faeries.



It's not entirely clear whether or not this is a distinct race or not, because the Spirit Sprites take this form so often, it's impossible to tell. The common sprite is two feet tall and extremely reclusive.


Nixies (also known as Lake Sprites) live in fresh water lakes. They keep humans and other humanoids as slaves to tend their lakes. They do so using a natural magical charm-like power that functions for a full year per use. They can also impart the ability to breathe water by touch.

They normally release their slaves after a year of servitude.


Sea Sprites live underwater in Coral reefs.


Spirit Sprites are insubstantial, invisible faerie spirits with a natural ability to take physical form by changing shape. In their natural form, they can glow as brightly as a torch whenever they desire and have voices that sound like small bells.

They are fond of taking the form of other faerie creatures, such as Brownies, Faerie Elves, Leprechauns, Nymphs, Pixies and other Sprites. Less occasionally, they take the form of other humanoids, most particularly Elves and Forest Gnomes. Even more rarely, they take the form of non-humanoid creatures or objects, depending on need.

Many Spirit Sprites are fond of taking the form of Golems, because this allows them a great deal of flexibility. The GM should treat the mental traits of a Golem as optional in this case, especially Cannot Learn, Reprogrammable, and Automaton, because sentient golems are possible (normally when someone puts their spirit in the body of a golem).

Changing shape takes a few minutes of concentration (160 seconds), so it is not something they will do without careful consideration. If knocked unconscious or killed while shape-changed, they return to their natural form, vanishing completely.

They're quite shy in their natural form, but once they change, they're more willing to interact with others.

Spirit Sprites are occasionally known to spend years among Humans and other humanoids without anyone ever realizing who they are.

The motivations of Sprites are often perplexing, as they simply do not think like other races, due to their Unaging nature. They tend to make incredibly long-term plans that span hundreds, if not thousands of years. However, they often spend time among other races as a form of entertainment. This is how PC Sprites would most likely be encountered.

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