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Brownies are the rural cousins of Pixies, often living in close proximity to humans, despite their shyness. They're the same size as Pixies, but lack their distinctive wings, and thus, lack the ability to fly or turn invisible. They make up for it with the ability to teleport at will, with a range of 100 yards.

They usually live in small burrows or abandoned buildings and are fascinated by farming.

They are honest to a fault, but still reclusive, preferring to never be seen by the humans whose farms they live on.

They subsist on farming products taken in the night, such as milk or grain, for which they will perform some service. For example, a Brownie might milk the cow before the farmer arrives, taking a small portion for their own use. They also take what's normally wasted when a farmer finishes harvesting for the year.

Some Brownies, known as House Brownies, choose to live inside the farmer's home, performing small tasks around the house while everyone else is asleep. They keep pests out of the house and off the farm, repair tools and clothing, and will even go so far as to occasionally prepare meals for their host before they even wake.

Those that have a House Brownie are afraid to talk about it aloud, for fear of scaring them off. It is well known that Brownies are shy and prefer their privacy. There is a common superstition that a House Brownie will permanently vanish if they're ever seen. Sometimes this is true, but more often than not, they'll just teleport out of view until they can continue unseen. Most consider it good luck to have a House Brownie.

Brownies share the Pixie enjoyment of pranks, but they generally reserve this for those who threaten or harm the humans they live with. They may occasionally pull harmless pranks on the neighbors of the humans they live with, or their children.

Every once in a while, they'll reveal themselves to a child of the farmer, but the child's stories of the “tiny (wo)man” are invariably ignored, for the reasons listed above. They seem to take great delight from the child's protests to the contrary, but will play games like hide-and-seek (which they are incredibly good at) with the child when adults aren't looking.

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