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Golems are constructs, given life by supernatural means. They come in all shapes, sizes and materials.

More details on Golems are available on the page for the Golem spell. You'll also find the template files there.

Flesh Golems are occasionally constructed from the bodies of fallen comrades, in order to bring them back to life. As such, they make excellent, if expensive, PCs. However, this kind of resurrection results in the loss of wealth and some social Advantages, because most folk won't accept a person who has died and come back in this fashion. In particular, this type of resurrection often results in the character being treated like a monster by their own family and friends (up to and including pitchforks and torches). No one that knew them before is likely to trust them, due to the Reprogrammable Disadvantage built into all Golems.

Special Golem Types

These golems are variants of standard golem types with modifications to make them closely match their 2nd edition AD&D equivalents. This is to ease the use of AD&D adventures.


This is a variant of bone golem made from a giant snake and a human skull.


Sentient golems are regular golems, other than flesh, that have been the subject of a Life Force Transfer spell. Remove all mental and social Traits from the golem template (except for the immunity to mental attack) and make IQ match the creature whose mind was transferred into the golem. The golem is still animated by an elemental spirit, but it will no longer accept instructions, instead taking it's orders and instructions directly from the inhabiting consciousness, normally as a completely unconscious process. In other words, the inhabiting consciousness tries to move their body and the golem responds.

This is one method through which wizards sometimes seek immortality. However, this can cause them trouble with casting spells, because golems have no FP. Some wizards solve this problem by treating their new golem body similar to a Power Item (see p. DF1:28). To build this, give the character an Energy Reserve with the Special Recharge Limitation, requiring spending money to recharge. The level of the Energy Reserve should match the size of the Power Item for the golem's value as an equivalent statue.

Because this requires spending points, the character is free to also carry a power item.

This trick also works for building normal spell-casting golems, but the Imbue With Spell Ability Spell is the normal way this is done, because golems have such low IQ.

Treasure Golem

This unusual monstrosity is a golem made from a pile of coins! It's a leprechaun creation intended to protect their gold.

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