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Law Keepers

The Law Keepers are a religion of lawyers, police, judges and court workers. They believe in law so much that they worship it.

There are four major factions among them, causing fierce rivalry.

The Spiritualists believe in following the spirit of the law in the pursuit of good. They often serve as defense experts.

The Readers believe in the letter of the law and they try not to interpret it any way other than how it reads. They most often serve as judges and other court officials.

The Individualists believe in interpreting the law as serves the individual at any given moment. They also often serve as defense experts, but they're the ones that give lawyers a bad name, helping the guilty to go free. These are the ones that look for loop-holes to twist the law and are often “on the take,” willing to accept money to look the other way. The others tend not to get along with them.

The Undecided are exactly that. They're undecided as to how to interpret the law and are often swayed by the arguments of the other three factions. However, in the end, they never quite hold to one specific view. Instead, they seek the truth, above all else. These Keepers often serve as investigators and detectives, as this appeals to their quest for truth.

All four take well to working as law men, with varying goals in their work.

The Law Keepers are on good terms with the Modrons. Some of the Keepers actually worship them, because they're supposed to be the embodiment of Law itself. The Modrons uniformly ignore this behavior, or don't notice. No one is sure which.

The Keepers have a private war with the Shadowed Eyes. The very existence of the Special Agents is due to this war. Currently, this conflict is on the back burner, as they've been dealt a serious defeat. They were extraditing island-hopping thieves to Medusa Island, the home of the League of Adventurers, but this practice has ended, because the Eyes took it personally and took out their anger on the League. After much death on both sides, they've made peace. The League won't accept requests for extradition to the island any more. No one else wants to get involved after seeing what happened to the League.

The Keepers have a fortress known as the Hall of Judgment on Theris Island. It serves as a center of legal education for the Archipelago, where lawyers, judges and law men are trained. It includes a prison.

Special Agents

The Law Keepers have very broad jurisdiction for law enforcement activities. In essence, they have the cooperation of most of the islands in the Archipelago. Those Keepers that are most trusted are granted an international license to bring law breakers to justice.

These individuals are known as Special Agents. They normally have the 15 point version of Legal Enforcement Powers. Most of them are also members of the League of Adventurers and extradition (to the League) is normally granted with little question, except in the case of members of the Shadowed Eyes.

Special Agents are assigned to hunt difficult criminals that hop from island to island, thus the need for international jurisdiction.

The Undecided never become Special Agents, as they lack the requisite passion for the law.


Law Keeper priests are normally, but not always, Readers. They're built using the the notes for Priestly Spell-Casters on the Magery page. Their power modifier is Moral in nature, specifically Order. The required Disadvantage is Honesty (9 or less).

They often gain other powers in addition to spell-casting ability, such as Detect (Lies), Detect (Truth), Neutralize (Chaos), Static (Chaos), True Faith, etc.

For these priests, True Faith works against demons, native inhabitants of the Plane of Limbo and anyone with the Berserk, Fanaticism (Chaos), Impulsiveness, Manic-Depressive or Paranoia Disadvantages. It has no effect on devils or undead.

The priests of this religion most often serve as judges and lawyers. Very occasionally, they're also Special Agents. These exceptional individuals bear the title of Inquisitor.

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