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High Flyers

The High Flyers are a group of surface-dwelling Gnomes that build flying machines.

They started out as Tinkers that moved out of the tunnels in order to experiment with flight technology. Iron Peak simply didn't have enough flat land to work with.

Eight years ago, they moved to Theris Island and made an agreement with the King of Theris to help defend the island with their flying contraptions.

They keep a small squadron of flying machines constantly ready at the Air Strip, which they call “Bi-Planes.” They're armed with high-speed firearms and small bombs. These flying machines are faster and more maneuverable than most dragons, but take comparatively very little damage to destroy.

The Moon

The High Flyers have a very lofty goal: they wish to reach the Moon and explore it.

They started with baloons, but these cannot reach high enough.

Next, they turned to their more usual type of flying machine. Invariably, they simply couldn't carry enough fuel.

Finally, they turned to a more energetic approach: something called rockets, which are similar to fireworks. This is the method they're currently working on.

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