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Here you'll find blog entries describing recent changes to the Wiki. This will serve to inform you of major changes, while minor changes will likely go without comment.

This is the place where I will comment on major design choices in building and rebuilding the wiki, as well as any major changes in game mechanics. I will also try to comment on any and all updates to GCS files.

Disqus Comments

I'm very pleased to announce that at the bottom of every page you'll now find a widget for comments.

Each page has it's own comments and a unique identifier, such that and display the same comments, despite the fact that they have different URLs. Even my test site's pages (where I fiddle with experimental variations of the website) share the same comments per page.

I even find that the comment widget looks like it belongs on the page.

The comment widget is provided by I was looking for a platform-neutral way of collecting comments and supports quite a number of social networks.

I hope you find this new feature useful and/or helpful. I hope to hear from some of you soon.

2013/09/16 06:17

RSS Feed and Changelog

I've made a few final tweaks to the RSS feed and Changelog.

The RSS feed is retaining entries for two weeks, because I decided it's file size was a bit excessive.

The Changelog is now split into multiple pages, to make it more manageable and reduce individual file size.

I consider them both ready for general use.

I also took the time to carefully prune a few completely unnecessary files from the website.

Overall, I think the website it ready.

Changes from here on out should be back to normal, with only occasional tweaks to the scripts that build the website to add new capabilities. The Changelog will also begin tracking all changes, instead of just marking everything as created pages and uploaded file.

Eventually, I'm planning to add a few extra RSS feeds for the blogs that will include descriptions, but this will be a big project in and of itself.

2013/09/08 14:56

I just made a few small tweaks to the sidebar.

Now, when I export the wiki for the website, there will be no useless links in it, such as the link to the syntax page.

These types of links still show up for a logged in user, however. They're now in a separate page that gets included in the sidebar, which itself cannot be viewed by an anonymous user, like when the wget program is processing the wiki's pages.

The end result: I've now got somewhere to put private links to editing and administration tools, but they won't clutter up the export view. Sounds like a win for everyone to me.

2013/08/27 02:52

Small Rules Tweaks

I just made a few small fixes to the pages linked from the Rules page.

Mostly this was to correct a few mistakes left-over from my conversion script that brought the pages into my DokuWiki installation, because at the time, I didn't have a way to right justify anything. Thanks to the Wrap Plugin, I do now.

2013/08/26 05:54 · Richard Owen Lewis


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