Rising From the Ashes

Today I rescued the wiki from the SD card it's been sitting on for the past eight years or so and managed to get the old gal up and running on my desktop. It's a rough fit, with a lot of shoehorning, due to how old the dokuwiki installation is.

It was a very frustrating experience, because I haven't configured a web server in all that time. The biggest problem was a matter of htaccess files, but it took me about two hours to figure that out.

You should start seeing new updates from time to time, just so long as I can keep my personal copy of the wiki operating properly, though currently, I'm fighting with the Changelog. If you're seeing this, then, well, I succeeded in fixing it.

It's ironic that I'm breathing life back into this project on an Easter afternoon. I'm also thinking of it like a Phoenix. I'd previously given up on ever getting this to work again, but here I am, typing away…

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