Replaced Italics Page Notes

I've just finished replacing the notes on various pages that were in italics with Dokuwiki's wrap plugin syntax for boxes.

This puts a lot of emphasis on those old notes, many of which were quite important and also likely being ignored by almost everyone.

It also makes the wiki more colorful.

The only page that I now suspect is too colorful is the Spell Sandbox. I suppose I can probably live with this, since all those notes are important. There's just a lot of them, all in series.

I also went to the trouble of marking (hopefully) all of the GM Eyes Only pages as such with “alert” note boxes (the red boxes with a red x icon).

Along the way I fixed the order of many notes, placing them above the first header. The custom Java program I wrote to convert pages from Wikispaces syntax to Dokuwiki syntax put the page name headers above the notes, because it wasn't intelligent enough to distinguish them from the other text.

I also fixed some strange little errors introduced by the same program that had no effect on how pages displayed, but made the raw pages look sloppy.

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