Modified Main Library Spell Format

I failed to mention earlier that I've altered the format of spells in the main library file. They no longer list their rarity and point total in their notes. In the end, I decided that neither was particularly important and replaced the notes on each entry with the number of pages the spell occupies; something that's actually useful

These are the reasons:

  1. The rarity is a category on the spell's equipment entry.
  2. The point total became irrelevant information when I introduced spells with multiple levels.
  3. I'm now using an external program to process the spell pages and automatically build the spell entries.
    • This gave me the opportunity to screen scrape the spell's page for point total and calculate the number of pages the spell occupies.
    • I never bothered to do this before because I was manually maintaining this library file and didn't want to spend that much time on each entry.

I hope that you find these changes helpful and useful.

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