Various Small Website Tweaks

I've recently made a number of small tweaks to the website. I doubt anyone other than me would even notice them. Most of these consist of stripping unnecessary bits out of the HTML files.

I also got rid of all the references to the _detail/* HTML files that were related to images linked from the Changelog. The images listed there are now direct links; when you click on them, the file should either be downloaded or viewed by itself in your browser. I must remember whenever I add an image to the wiki that I've got to add ”?direct” to the end of the file name, in order to avoid the _detail page being added.

The HTTP error pages no longer have an area for commenting on them. They never needed it; I was just living with it being added to all pages. Now I know how to remove it with a minimum of fuss.

Pages with tags (pages that are dynamically linked in the local, wiki version of the website, like the individual spell pages) should now look no different from any other page. They previously had a small area where the tags were listed and linked to. I had previously found a good way to strip out the links, but the area was there, with a small pencil icon. Now that area is gone, as though it had never been; I found a simple way to remove it based on the HTML tags it was wrapped in.

Last of all, I finally managed to strip out the change date and author line from the bottom of every page. I didn't like this being on every page, because it has no meaning outside of my local copy of the website. The author will always be my username and the date is available in the HTML code (if you really want to extract it with software). I see no reason to display either piece of information.

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