Character Sheet Pages

I'm quite proud to announce that every single GCS character sheet now has a script-generated page within this wiki, allowing them to be viewed from the browser without downloading them or installing GCS.

This is a project I attempted long ago while the wiki was still hosted by Wikispaces, with disastrous results. It wasted a massive amount of my time, I never completed it and it was a nightmare to maintain.

This is not the case this time around; it does what I wanted and I just have a few small refinements left to make on the script that exports character sheets en-masse, to make it more efficient.

You'll notice a new page linked in the sidebar, as well. This is the master index of all NPCs in the entire wiki. If you want to view a particular NPC, but can't remember which page you originally found them on, that's the page to visit.

Characters now have their own namespace in the wiki and it exactly mirrors the location of character sheets in the wiki.

I think I might add a unique RSS feed for character sheets, but that's an improvement for another day.

Eventually, I may repeat this process for templates files. This would be more difficult, however, as the template files would have to ripped apart and transformed into character sheet files, in order to trick GCS into doing the export work.

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