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Say Hello to Elsa!

The PCs bump into Elsa “The Black,” a Nymph Bard and fellow adventurer, while she's entertaining a tavern/inn full of folks. As it turns out, this may not be a chance encounter…

Back Story

Elsa's husband died, leaving her without the means to support the way of life she's grown accustomed to. When the messenger from the League of Adventurers informed her, she immediately donned a black veil as a sign of mourning. She moped about the house for quite some time, as most anyone would in such a situation.

Eventually, as her savings came close to running out, she decided she wanted to know more and headed off to Medusa Island, pausing briefly to arrange for her house to be sold. Upon arrival, she went straight to the League's HQ and asked for further details of her husband's passing.

With that bit of business out of the way, she asked how she might join the League herself, now that she had no source of income and financial ruin looming in the near future. The clerk was very helpful. Adventurers and those they work with are so very helpful to damsels in distress, after all…

After this long “chat,” she sought someone that might be willing to sponsor her. This turned out to be incredibly easy. The clerk mentioned in passing that Issvarti, the bouncer at the Knight of the Post, often sponsors applicants to the League.

On short order, she showed up and sure enough, he was willing to sponsor her without much trouble. Usually, he would ask the applicant to perform some task to prove their worthiness, but after a short chat, he was convinced that she was ready. Elsa didn't even have to try all that hard to get him to see her point of view.

Within a few weeks, she passed the League's tests and was a member in full standing. Around this same time, a messenger showed up with the proceeds from selling her house, allowing her to invest in some much needed adventuring gear, which she placed in her trusty hand bag, a magic item that holds a great deal more than it appears to.

Next, Elsa attempted a simple job: a dungeon delve involving goblins. This turned out to be a bit much for her alone and she was forced to retreat. This made it apparent to her that she would need some help, preferably a whole group to lead into such dangerous situations.

So, she turned her attention back to Issvarti, who just so happens to have many adventuring groups under his wing. He also knows several other sponsors with groups of their own that perhaps could use an extra hand. After talking it over with him, she decided that the PCs would make an excellent group to join!

To this end, she's been following their trail from island to island, inn to inn. This time she managed to beat them to their next stop by borrowing a fast horse from a local farm. The farm boy there found her quite enchanting…

Starting the Encounter

As you enter the tavern [inn], you hear the tail end of a magnificent violin performance! Whoever is playing it must be very talented.

Turning your head to the source of the music, you have to peer over the heads of a large crowd, cheering and applauding. Eventually, after cocking your head to the side so you might see through the tangled mess of patrons, you see an amazingly beautiful woman in fine clothing carefully setting her instrument aside.

She is stunningly beautiful, with long, sparkling, black hair cascading off her shoulders. Her skin is quite pale, but somehow silvery, too. She is wearing an indigo gown scattered with suns and moons. The sleeves are draping and the very full skirt is ornamented with ribbons and lace. Aside from this she is wearing a black veil that has been lifted for the occasion.

She takes a quick bow and then raises a hand to quiet her audience. She opens her mouth and begins to sing in a lilting fashion. You suddenly find yourself closing your eyes so you might hear every nuance. When the song is done, there isn't a dry eye in the room.

Again, she bows, this time very deeply.

With that done, she informs the crowd, “Well, I'm afraid that's it for today. There is business I must attend to. You've been a wonderful audience.”

Just as everyone is dispersing, you're surprised to find her standing near you! You've only just barely recovered from the emotions her song inspired when you realise that she's speaking to you.

She repeats herself, “My name is Elsa ''The Black.'

“From your appearance, I'd wager you're the adventurers Issvarti told me so much about. I'd like to join you. I'm forced to admit I don't have the proper skill set to make it as an adventurer on my own.”

She is a Bard, as they should have already noticed, so she is skilled at many things, but master of music. She's also a Nymph, but this is not obvious, other than the fact that she's too beautiful to be human.

All she asks in exchange for joining their group is a fair share of the pay and treasure. If they accept her, she'll somewhat expect to be in charge, but she'll quickly change her mind if this doesn't go over well.

If they ask her why she's called Elsa the Black, read this:

She smiles just slightly mischievously, “I've lost so many rich husbands…”

After a brief moment she chuckles, “Sorry, it's a bad joke, I know.”

Taking a much more serious tone, she sighs, “I did lose my husband though. I loved him dearly. It's been six months now, but still, I wear my veil.”

Concluding the Encounter

The PCs can either accept her offer, or they can deny it. If they accept, they've got a new party member.

If they're ever around Issvarti with her around, he'll seem to hang on her every word and blush if anyone points it out. If he's their sponsor, he'll admonish them to “keep her safe.”

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