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The Syndicate Wants You, Dead

Local Enchanter Extraordinaire, The Amazing Baiden Riverren, is having a fire-sale on magic items! He's got prices so low, no one can believe them!

Unfortunately, the Enchanter's Syndicate heard about his sale and sent an enforcer. Baiden thought the enforcer was a total crack-pot and ignored him.

The PCs happen to be present when he makes a second visit and breaks all the fingers in Baiden's right hand.

They get involved and get caught between the Syndicate and a scared Enchanter, who offers to make them custom magic items if they help him.

This adventure is intended to be run concurrently with another. This is for the intent of spicing things up with a minor side quest.

Back Story

Baiden Riverren is an enchanter by trade. He's entirely self-taught and had no idea that the Enchanter's Syndicate existed until last week when one of their enforcers, a Dwarf named Hedari Marblehelm, came to dissuade him by describing all the “unfortunate accidents” that could befall him.

Baiden thought he was crazy and ignored him.

Adventure Synopsis

  • The PCs are outside Baiden's shop when Hedari breaks his fingers.
  • After some convincing, Baiden tells them what happened.
  • He offers to make them custom magic items if they can ensure his safety.
  • They deal with the enforcer somehow. Killing him is probably not an option. His armor essentially turns him into a small, Dwaven tank.
  • Baiden begins having mysterious, deadly accidents.
  • The PCs find a way to remove this powerful curse.
  • The Syndicate sends assassins.
  • The PCs hide Baiden somewhere safe.
  • Baiden agrees to help the Law Keepers stop the Syndicate.

Starting the Adventure

At some point where the PCs happen to be in Shadowgate on Shadow Reef, read this:

As you pass down the main street of Shadowgate, you walk past the Magic Shop. The door is closed. You hear a blood-curdling scream of pain come from inside!

Surely the PCs will investigate:

As you enter, you see a Dwarf in full plate armor standing at the counter. There's a bowl of free salted nuts on the counter. Behind it is a man dressed in wizard's robes, clutching his right hand. He obviously has multiple broken fingers. It looks like he may have just fallen off the rolling ladder that he uses to reach the highest shelves.

The Dwarf nods to the wizard, “I hope you'll be more careful in the future. That was a very nasty fall.” With that, he nods to you as well and heads out the door.

The wizard looks up from his hand and winces, “Is there anything I can do for you today?”

Surely questions will follow. If the PCs can succeed at an influence roll, Baiden will tell them the truth. The Dwarf is an Syndicate enforcer and he just broke Baiden's hand for selling magic items too cheaply.

Baiden will offer to make the PCs custom magic items if they'll protect him, as he suspects the next move of the Syndicate will be to kill him. Otherwise, he'll be having a going out of business sale.

Dealing With the Enforcer

Hedari Marblehelm is a tough customer. His layered armor gives him a DR of 16 on most of his body. On top of that, he's no slouch with his magic axe and shield. Even worse, he has a lot of hit points. Being a Dwarf, he's even resistant to magic. He should be capable of taking on a fully equipped group of adventurers, single-handedly.

Fortunately for anyone that takes him on, he's not too fast with all the gear he carries. They can retreat relatively easily.

It will likely take some trickery to get him out of his armor or some strategy and a heavy assault to stop him while he's in it.

Hedari is currently staying in the Shadowgate Hotel where he is enjoying the wonderful comforts it has to offer.

If the Sheriff, Brant Dalton, is informed of what's happened to Baiden, he'll attempt to arrest Hedari. He will end up severely beaten for his troubles and his sword broken. The owner of the Shadowgate Hotel will then ask Hedari to leave. Hedari will leave in a huff, instead choosing to camp outside the walls. He'll sleep in his armor at this point. If he gets too hot in the desert heat, he'll use his magically cold axe to cool his armor.

It Was an Accident, I Swear!

The PC might just think they're in the clear by this point. They're not. Not by a long shot.

Within a day or two of dealing with Hedari, Baiden will run up to the PCs:

You see Baiden running toward you, obviously in distress! His robe looks singed and a fair bit of his hair is missing.

As he gets closer, he trips on his robe and falls flat on his face. As you help him up, you see several tooth fragments on the ground.

He mutters with a slight lisp, “Help me!”

After he calms down, he begins to explain, “Really bad things keep happening to me!”

Almost as proof of his statement, a rock falls from the sky and hits him in the head, knocking him senseless.

After a few minutes of incoherent babbling, he recovers and adds, “See!”

No matter what the PCs do now, Baiden will be plagued by deadly accidents. He's been magically cursed, ala the Cursed Disadvantage with a +50% Enhancement that makes the incidents deadly and/or damaging in nature. It will take some serious mojo to remove this curse, as it's altered his being, rather than being a continuous magical effect. It will even work in a No Mana area.


Once the curse is lifted, the Syndicate will send assassins after Baiden. These will come in all shapes and sizes. Start with simple bounty-hunters gone rogue and then work your way up to professionals with deadly precision. Each and every one will inform him that he should have listened to the Syndicate.

After the first few of these, Baiden will again seek out the PCs help.

They can hide him, but eventually, the Syndicate will find him anyway. They'll use whatever means are required to kill him.

Law Keepers

Eventually it will become clear that protecting Baiden is a full-time job. It's too much for the PCs to handle, and they've got other adventures to get to. Around this time, the Law Keepers will contact the PCs (or the PCs will contact them), likely through Shadowgate's Sheriff, or the League of Adventurers. They will protect Baiden from then on.

The GM may wish to spice things up by having a group of enforcers pretending to be Keepers come to get him. The GM should roll Perception vs. Acting contests to determine that they aren't who they say they are.

Finally, the real Keepers will show up to take him to a safe place where he'll be guarded 24/7. He'll help the Law Keepers to catch the Syndicate by staying in business with their protection. This will surely start a war between the Syndicate and the Keepers.

Concluding the Adventure

Eventually, Baiden will finish the PC's magic items and have them delivered.


See the GM's version of the Shadow Reef page for more information.

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