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Cloud Kingdom

The Cloud Kingdom is a huge floating island that drifts around above the Archipelago. The inhabitants all naturally have wings, including Avariels, Owl Dwarves, the small, winged Saurials and even a few others mixed in.

The island is supported by a magical cloud maintained by Avariel wizards and is ruled by a hereditary Avariel monarch.

The island's inhabitants are capable of surprising military force if provoked, but this hasn't happened for at least a hundred years.

There's an old myth of a thief named Jack growing a magic beanstalk to reach the island so he could rob it. The tale goes on to describe how this started a war the ground-dwellers couldn't win, with the moral being, “Never provoke a sleeping giant.” This is metaphorical, of course, since there are no giants on the “island.”

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