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Kobolds are the smallest and weakest of the goblinoids and are often pushed around even by Goblins. However, unlike Goblins, Kobolds are used to working together, for without each other, they're easily overwhelmed by their enemies.

They're quite fond of hit-and-run swarm attacks, as well as traps. They also plan their battlefields whenever they can, to take advantage of their small size.

For example, they will often modify their underground homes to produce large tunnels with a multitude of small tunnels branching off. These branching tunnels are just barely big enough for an adult Kobold to squeeze through. That way, they can pop out of a side tunnel, make a quick surprise attack and then retreat back into the smaller tunnel, where they can't be followed. In addition, these small tunnels are often trapped in some fashion, to punish those that would reach in after them.

They're small enough for two of them to comfortably occupy a single hex. This makes their ambush swarms twice as deadly, as larger opponents are often pulled down by sheer numbers.

They're warm-blooded, egg-laying reptiles. Their voices sound like small dogs.



This is the most common form of Kobold, as described above.


Similar to the common Kobold, Urd are less intelligent and have bat-like wings. They also have horns. They're quite fond of dropping rocks on their opponents from high in the air, where they can't be attacked.

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