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Swamp of Eternal Night

The Swamp of Eternal Night is an island in the Tatters that consists mostly of salt-water marsh land. The island simply does not exist during the day.

The entire island is a High Mana Area for Necromantic magic and anything that dies and is left undisturbed for a week will spontaneously animate as a Skeleton or Zombie with a pair of Severe Delusions that the living and undead are reversed and that day and night are reversed. These lack the Automaton Meta-Triat and the Reprogrammable Disadvantage. Even formerly-undead remains will be affected by this.

The swamp interferes with teleportation magic, making it fizzle uselessly when attempted.

The sun never rises on the island and the stars are always visible. This can lead to a certain bit of confusion about the passage of time.

The island produces a disorienting effect (the terrain itself constantly shifts around whenever no one's paying attention) that causes everyone to eventually end up at the center of the island, the Inn. This effect will also prevent anyone from escaping the Swamp. Anyone with the Absolute Direction Advantage gets a Perception roll each hour to notice. If they attempt to back-track their own path, they'll automatically notice within a few minutes.

There are living creatures in the swamp, such as alligators, Lizard Men and other normal inhabitants common to swamps. However, there are also a great many malevolent undead stalking the swamp.

The local living inhabitants have a form of the Terrain Adaptation Advantage that gives them the ability to navigate the swamp. This doesn't allow them to leave, but they can at least find their way home.

The Standing Stones

There's a circle of standing stones setup by Druids long ago. This can be used to escape the island. There's a group of skeletal Druids guarding it. They're aware of what they are, just as the Elf ranger at the Inn. They stand guard at the circle to prevent other Druids from coming through the portals and falling to the same fate. Anyone that comes to the circle seeking escape from the swamp will be sent through the portals to Grimm's Island. However, the Druids on the other side will not be so cooperative and will likely try to kill them unless they're accompanied by a Druid.

The Inn

The Inn is a thoroughly dilapidated structure filled with Zombies and Skeletons that have fallen victim to the swamp's magic. They believe the Inn is in good condition. Any living thing that comes in will be attacked while they shout things like “Zombies! Kill the zombies!” while pointing at the PCs.

The occupants refer to the Inn as the Moonlight Haven Inn. They're very confused about the fact that “the sun is up all the time.”

There is a room on the top floor that contains the Skeleton of an Elf ranger. He has overcome the delusions and knows exactly what he is. He has tried to kill himself many times, but is always re-animated by the swamp's magic. He is thoroughly depressed. He's considered immolating himself, but is afraid he'll end up as an undead pile of ash that can't move.

Completely destroying the Inn will result in the island becoming unstable, eventually fading into non-existence within a week. However, this is one of the only ways to escape the island, as this ends all of the island's standing magical effects, including the shifting of the terrain that normally prevents leaving.

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