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The moon looming over the Archipelago is sometimes called Luna.

There's a group of Gnomes living on Theris Island attempting to build a flying contraption to reach Luna. They're known as the High Flyers. So far, they've lost multiple test pilots and half their engineers along with four terribly expensive prototypes. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have lost any enthusiasm for the project.

The first successfully launched prototype lost propulsion and crashed in the ocean. No one survived. The next two turned into fireballs in the sky for unknown reasons. The fourth appeared to crash into Luna and then shortly after turned into a fireball.

No one is exactly certain what happened to the crews, but some of the inventors are working on making the next prototype fire-proof and completely sealed, in hopes of protecting the crew. They're also planning to alter it's trajectory so it will land on top of Luna, instead of hitting the bottom.

In each of the last three cases, contact was maintained between the crew and the ground via Gnomish communication devices they call “radios,” at least until they flew out of range. The crews reported that everything was going well up to that point.

Fate of the Gnomish Prototypes

In essence, each of these was built on a similar principle: a large booster rocket similar to a gigantic firework, with a more regular aircraft on top. The Gnomes incorrectly assumed there would be breathable air, even at high altitude. In their defense, they simply haven't had a lot of experience with high-altitude aircraft, yet, due to having spent much of their time underground.

The first prototype that didn't explode on the launch pad had a booster failure half-way up, uncontrollably dropping everything in the ocean. The crew drowned in the freezing waters.

Two of the prototypes made it into space and the crews succumbed to the effects of low air pressure and/or vacuum, as the ships were not air-tight, but were rising too rapidly to slow down when problems occurred. Shortly after, when their trajectory brought them back down and no one was in control of descent, they burned up in the atmosphere.

The last prototype crashed into Luna during the full moon, but the crew was still dead on arrival. The craft immediately fell back down and burned up. This has been the first hint that the crew is losing control for some reason, but the inventors on the ground still don't realize what's gone wrong.

Conditions on Luna

Luna is a solid, flat disc composed of rock and dirt, floating in the vacuum of space above the Archipelago. It has a habit of disappearing and reappearing, however. During all times other than the full moon, it is insubstantial, existing purely on the Border Ethereal Plane, despite the fact that it is visible most of the time.

Luna's Inhabitants

There's a group of strange creatures with powerful psionic abilities living on the other side of it in glass domes. During the few nights of the full moon, they come down in flying saucers and abduct people for study and experiments. They return them before the night is through and their subjects rarely remember anything. When they do remember, it's little more than brief flashes and disconcerting feelings.

These creatures are not native to Luna and are in fact, invaders. They are rarely-encountered natives of the Deep Ethereal Plane. Long ago, they discovered the demi-plane containing the Archipelago. After several years of research and effort, they managed to breach the protections keeping them out. After more research, they discovered that Luna is Ethereal most of the time and decided to setup shop.

They've always been curious (scientifically speaking) about other humanoids. They do not believe that other humanoids are sentient.

The creator of the demi-plane finds these invaders and their experiments amusing. Thus, he has done nothing to stop them.

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