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Followers of Iocus

The Followers of Iocus are worshipers of a god of humor. Their God's name, Iocus, is Latin for joke. The members are practical jokers, jesters, clowns, mimes and village idiots.

Nearly everyone hates them, because they're obnoxious. Many of them take their jokes too far.

Brownies, Gnomes (most often illusionists) and Pixies are especially drawn to this religion, due their love of a good prank.

They hold weekly meetings where the priests read from their “holy book of jokes” and then throw pies at each other. There's a high chance that they'll also play some kind of big joke or prank on the congregation.


The priests wear ceremonial vestments that look…ridiculous. Many of them strap a live chicken to their head as a hat. Some use a fake chicken out of a desire to avoid being cruel to animals. Occasionally, the chicken sits on their head willingly and is actually an Ally. The old priests sometimes forget that the chicken is there.

They gain widely varied abilities with the Divine power modifier, always with some kind of ridiculous twist. These abilities may be useful, but this is a side-effect, rather than the intent. If they have the ability to cast spells, then they'll only be able to cast spells with humorous intent, a -40% limitation.

The required Disadvantages are Odious Personal Habit (Twists everything into a joke, -1 to reactions) [-5] and Vow (“Play a prank daily”) [-5]. They also have a variant of Weirdness Magnet known as Humor Magnet, that causes humorous events instead of weird events. Many are also Tricksters.

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