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The PCs encounter bandits.

Back Story

Bandits are most often soldiers of some kind that were on the losing side of a war, rogue mercenaries or orcs that have lost their leaders. They're also sometimes former members of a thieves guild that have been kicked out for violations of guild rules.

In most cases, they've come on hard times and turned to banditry.

For soldiers, take any of the mercenary character sheets and remove their Code of Honor (Professional) and Duty. Replace them with Greed, Bully and other unsavory traits. The really bad ones may have also lost Code of Honor (Soldier's).

For thieves, use the Shadowed Eye characters as is, but remember they're not guild members any more.

Bandits are most often encountered on or near roads or other well-traveled paths, where they'll either mug travelers or demand a toll to let them pass.


Thieves are more inclined toward muggings, but lone soldiers or orcs might try it, too.

Muggers will attempt to sneak up behind lone travelers, knock them out or wrestle them to the ground and then rob them blind. They're not likely to take on a group, but this encounter can still be used if the PCs happen upon them while they're in the middle of mugging someone.

Thieves may settle for picking pockets instead of mugging.


Tolls are more likely to be run by former soldiers and are setup in areas where the path can be easily blocked and held by a small number of men. Here's a few examples:

  • Fallen tree blocking road
    • Bandits come out of hiding as cart driver gets out to move it
    • They demand money and won't let the tree be moved until they get it
  • Narrow mountain pass
    • Bandit archers/crossbowmen perched on rocks above path
    • Demand money to allow them to continue
    • They don't usually harass people that turn back
  • Narrow bridge
    • Bandits lurk around bridge
    • They demand a toll to cross it
  • Narrow pass of any kind
    • Bandit steps out of hiding in front of traveler
    • Demands money from traveler
      • “Your money or your life” is a favorite phrase
    • Others come out of hiding if there's any reluctance
    • They usually don't want a fight; it's all about intimidation

In most cases, there's extra bandits hidden away out of sight. The number and type of bandits should be enough to give the PCs a challenge.

Raiding Parties

Very rarely, bandits might take to raiding isolated villages or farms. Orcs are more likely to try this.

They don't necessarily destroy anything, but instead refuse to pay for things or steal what they need at the point of a sword. They may also take over a tavern for a brief stay.

Adventurers passing through a village that's been the victim of such might be asked to find and stop the bandits, especially if they stole family heirlooms or other precious items.


All types of bandits try to keep their camps in well-hidden locations or move them on a regular basis. Anyone stumbling on such a spot is likely to be attacked on sight, because they don't want word of their secret base to get around.

Less blood-thirsty bandits might pretend to be camping travelers and then strike camp as soon as the intruders are gone.

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