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Night Zombie Horror

The PCs happen upon a village full of zombies just after the sun goes down. Naturally, they slaughter as many as they can find. Having grown tired from the day's travel and the night's work, they find a good spot in town to bed down.

They're rudely awakened by villagers who demand to know why they slaughtered half the village!

Back Story

The villagers were cursed by a necromancer to transform into zombies every night. They remember transforming each night and behaving like monsters for the duration. They turn back as soon as the sun goes down.

Then the PCs showed up and killed a bunch of the villagers. Naturally, the survivors are quite angry.

Adventure Synopsis

  • PCs come across a village overrun by zombies (at night).
  • PCs slaughter a massive number of them.
  • They get tired and sleep in one of the abandoned houses.
  • They wake in the morning to find the village full of corpses that don't look at all like zombies!
    • The villagers have been cursed to turn into zombies at night.
      • Possibility: The “zombie” villagers killed by the PCs might still be alive, but seriously injured.
        • Depends on injury level and HT rolls.
        • Make regular HT rolls for survival, but they stop functioning below -HP, just like zombies normally would.
    • The survivors are really angry.
  • The PCs can run off or try to lift the curse.
    • They can smooth things over by healing and/or bringing their “victims” back to life.
    • Running off will result in a new negative Reputation and end the adventure.
    • They can offer to search for the necromancer responsible for the curse, to get it lifted.
      • This will get the villagers off their back.
    • They could also try to lift the curse themselves.
  • Finding the necromancer.
    • She lives in a cave somewhere in the foothills of the mountain.
    • She's got some zombie bears and other nasty surprises on her side.

Major Variations

This optional section (remove if not used), should detail variations in the adventure, either to add some extra spice, or to use it in another setting.

Starting the Adventure

Describe possible adventure hooks to get the PCs involved in the story.

[Name Adventure Parts]

Each section of the adventure should have a unique name, so it's easy to reference. Add a section to the page for each part of the adventure. Describe in detail what happens during this chunk of the story.

Flavor text to be read to the players may be marked like this (1×1 table):

This is flavor text.

Concluding the Adventure

Detail how to end the story. List possible hanging plot elements that might be revisited at a later date. Describe rewards and/or penalties that might be obtained for success or failure.

Maps and Locations

Display maps and describe the locations found within. Be sure to detail any unusual conditions.

Character Sheets


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