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While working on an unrelated task, the PCs come across a woman that looks very, very tired. She initially looks over the party with little interest, but her eyes settle on one of them and then she sheds a tear. As she looks closer, her eyes fill with sadness.

As it turns out, she's a psychic that has gained the ability to see flashes of the future in her dreams. Unfortunately, all she sees is death and it always comes true. This sets the PCs on a deadly path fraught with danger. Will they be able to save the PC in question? Will they be able to help her control her nightly-visions? Or will they just be sorry they ever met her?

Back Story

Five years ago, Liberty Odenheimer set out to master the secrets of the future, as she had already mastered psychically unlocking secrets from the past. She began by making an extensive study of psionic techniques related to foresight of death. Her intent was to first master seeing the future as it relates to death and then master seeing more of the future.

Just as she was having some real success, she was cursed by death himself to see nothing but future deaths in her sleep. It's now gotten so bad that she has waking dreams of like content. In addition to this, Death took away what little control of her precognition that she had.

Even worse, Death has turned her into a walking kill zone; anyone that gets close to her (friendship-wise) dies a death that she has foreseen.

Due to all that's happened to her, Liberty has become a drifter, so no one will get close to her. She panhandles for a living, just barely getting by. She avoids talking to others as much as she can.

Sadly, her curse has earned her the nick-name “Death Bringer.” Others who realize who she is either avoid her or try to kill her, treating her much like a monster.

Liberty recently obtained a license to panhandle in ShadowGate. She's been there for the past several months, since wealth flows freely from the adventurers that pass through. This can easily be changed for your own purposes, and I'll keep this adventure vague enough to be slipped in anywhere.

Adventure Synopsis

  • PCs happen by.
  • Liberty asks them for some money.
  • As she looks up, she remembers a dream she had the night before; it involved a funeral for one of the PCs, taking place in the ShadowGate cemetery.
  • She begins crying right in from of them.
  • They ask what's wrong and she explains the whole story.
  • She apologizes and asks them to leave, hoping this will save the PC's life.
  • The PC in question becomes a magnet for deadly events.
  • (Optional) If the PCs can fake the funeral scene convincingly, Death will reward their creativity by letting go of the affected PC.
  • (Optional) If the affected PC dies and is buried, Death will let go of them. They can then be dug up and brought back without trouble
  • The PCs help Liberty figure out what's wrong with her power.
  • They talk Death into leaving her alone.

Major Variations

  • If this adventure is used in tandem with The Mercenaries and you're using the “delayed by bad weather” variation, then the following will apply:
    • She's the only townie that hasn't moved into the Saloon.
    • The orcs and goblins have learned that anyone that talks to her dies, so they avoid her completely.
      • Effectively, she's gained two levels of the Social Regard (Feared) Advantage.
      • The first day they moved in, two orcs tried to rough her up and they were both killed.
        • The one died by a fluke meteor strike.
        • The other got his head caved in by a loose brick that fell from the building wall they shoved her against.
        • Death defended her, because he wanted her suffering to continue.
    • Any time an orc or goblin comes near her, she looks up and smiles.
      • She's been thinking about taking the time to walk about and “shake hands with all the new fellas.”
        • This would result in the death of at least one third of them.
        • Another third would leave out of fear alone.
    • If the PCs talk to her, an orc across the street will suggest that they avoid her.
      • He briefly looks at her with fear and then quickly looks away.

Starting the Adventure

Insert this encounter in the midst of another adventure:

You see a feminine figure in a tattered, hooded cloak at the side of the street. There's a small bowl in front of her. Her face is hidden by her hood and she isn't looking at you.

As you pass by, she calls out softly, “Could you spare a coin for a poor beggar?”

Regardless of what the PCs do, she'll look up as they leave:

Just as you're about to walk away, she looks up and lays eyes on {Insert Name of Random PC}. As she sees them, tears stream from her eyes and she begins sobbing quite loudly.

If asked why she's crying, she'll explain the parts of the Back Story she's aware of and tell them she saw the PC's funeral. She can describe the event in as much detail as you like. The more detail, the harder it will be to fake (see below). The more questions they ask her, the harder they make it on themselves.

After that, she'll ask them to leave, hoping to save the PC's life (it doesn't work like that).

Death is Stalking You!

After a few hours have passed, read this to the selected PC:

Out of the corner of your eye, you think you just saw a dark robed figure and a flash of steel!

When they turn, there's nothing there. Within a few minutes, some terribly deadly accident should occur. It should be survivable, however, through use of skill and/or luck.

Now, until the PC dies and is buried or they fake the PC's death and funeral well enough to amuse Death himself, they'll keep seeing Death out of the corner of their eye, followed by a deadly accident.

These events can be spaced as close or as far apart as the GM desires, but they should always be played up for shock value.

Saving Liberty

Any kind of magical, spiritual or psychic investigation with appropriate abilities will reveal that Death is literally following this woman around. She doesn't know this.

Concluding the Adventure

The PCs can talk to Death just by speaking around Liberty. Asking him to reveal himself will work with a successful influence roll. From here, they can ask him why and then try to convince him to stop. This will take a successful influence roll at a -8 penalty or Liberty's death (what Death suggests). If Liberty apologizes for tampering in Death's business, the roll will only have a -4 penalty.

The PCs can also offer to be Death's “best friends.” This idea would amuse him and he'll let go of Liberty. From here on out, he'll be keeping an eye on them and will occasionally interfere with their lives.

With any kind of success, Liberty will lose her Divine Curse, Flashbacks and Nightmares. All limitations on her Precognition will also be dropped, but as a reminder not to meddle, her visions will still always come true. However, they'll be much more vague in the future.

Liberty will say, “I owe you big. If you need help, I'll be there.”

She'll be a one-use ally, available on a 12 or less. Due to her precognition, she might just show up when they randomly call out for her and decide they could use her help.

If they ask for her help more than once, she'll tell them she's busy and that she already repaid them.

After this adventure is complete, Liberty will head home, to Theris Island, to get her old job as a Law Keeper detective back.

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