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Replacement Limb

Replacement Limbs are magical constructs, usually Golems, but sometimes Mummies, Skeletons or Zombies, with a harness that allows strapping it onto the body of a person missing that limb, to serve as a Mitigator for that Disadvantage. They're normally made for specific individuals that have the money to pay an enchanter to build one, but the harness is normally adjustable, so it can be adjusted for comfort as the user's body changes over time. This sometimes allows them to be reused.

The harness is enchanted to telepathically provide the user with tactile information and allow them to control it's movements.

Elves are fond of making these out of wood. Tar is often used by other races as a good trade-off of strength vs. weight.

It's rare to see any kind of metal used unless it's hollow, because this ends up far too heavy and other materials tend not to be durable enough.

Undead Replacement Limb

Necromancers are fond of using parts of dead bodies, but are more likely to just use the Graft Flesh spell to permanently replace the limb.

Flesh Replacement Limb

Very rarely, a flesh golem version can be found that has a symbiotic relationship with it's user.

They normally cannot survive for more than a few hours without a host, but there have been examples that have Metabolism Control with the Hibernation Limitation, allowing them to survive a longer period of time.

The harness for these limbs is usually a collection of tentacles with suckers that latch on to the body of the host, with a mouth in the center that pricks their skin and drinks tiny amounts of blood from the user. Removing the limb causes 1 damage.

Oddly enough, these limbs have a rudimentary set of internal organs, including a tiny IQ 1, Will 12 brain.

They were originally designed by Dark Ones, so they tend to actually be the arms of Dark Ones, but a few other races have copied them over the years.

Extra Limb

There are persistent rumors of a variation of these magical items that provide a normal user with extra limbs, normally in pairs. Some are rumored to have claws and/or extra reach. The main point on which they differ is how they attach; they come with a much different type of harness that straps on like a girdle across the abdomen.

The rumors only get more bizarre from there, including head-mounted tentacles (sometimes even face-mounted) and prosthetic tails for races that lack them.


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