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Children of the Gear God

Children of the Gear God is a Gnomish religion. They worship the god of all machines, known simply as the Gear God. This is the most common religion among Gnomes, but there are a few curious Rogue Modrons that attend meetings.

There are two major groups within this religion: the Transgressors and the Tested. Both of these are based on information in the Origin section of the page on Gnomes. Some few hedge their bets and follow with both views.

The Transgressors

The transgressors believe it was wrong to escape from their god's laboratory. They meet weekly and pray for forgiveness for escaping from their cage.

The Tested

On the other hand, the Tested believe that their god was simply testing them when they escaped from the cage into the mortal realm. They also meet weekly, but they pray for success in their endeavors working with machinery.


The priests are granted True Faith and spell-casting abilities. This form of True Faith works on mobile machines, Modrons and constructs such as Golems. Unlike Gnome wizards, these priests are not looked down upon as freaks for their magical abilities.

These Advantages are limited with the Divine Power modifier. The required Disadvantage is Honesty and an additional Pact may optionally be attached to Fanaticism and Truthfulness.

Their holy symbol is shaped like a gear.

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