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Green Knights

The Green Knights, by all outward appearance, are a rather dull, ordinary group of Knights. They wear green armor, but this is slowly becoming unfashionable. More and more of them are beginning to wear regular armor.

Their order is named after their island, the Green Isle. They protect their island and work hard to help those in need. Their army is quite sizable, likely able to defeat any other army in the region in a fair fight. Most don't fight fair.

The Knights are honorable to a fault, always refusing to use any kind of underhanded tactics.

They keep at least 60% of their order on the island, but the rest are often traveling, doing good where they can, just because they can.

In the past forty years, the Knights have increasingly become involved in banking and the Green Isle has become a center of trade and commerce for the Archipelago. Coins minted on the island are the most common currency for the entire region. For this reason, the Cult of Profit has a very strong presence among the Knights.

The Council of Nine

The Green Knights are ruled by a high council of nine knights.

The leader of the council bears the title of the Knight of One. Their decisions are usually final, but may be overruled by majority vote of the council. The Knight of One is chosen by unanimous vote of the council. If no one can be agreed upon by all, then the council will instead appoint a War Leader to make quick decisions during war time, until such time as they can agree. War Leaders are chosen for excellent tactical skill and only require a majority vote. It is not uncommon for a War Leader to eventually become the Knight of One. The council often uses this as a method of trying out a new leader before giving them the full job.

If the Knight of One does not feel confident in their ability to handle wartime situations alone, they may request the council to appoint a War Leader. In these cases, the Knight of One has full veto power over the War Leader's decisions.

When a member of the council dies, they're replaced by a new knight chosen from among the rank and file by the council. They always choose a new knight based on their skills and past deeds, so they might fill the vacant position best. They value mages as members of the council, but this in not a requirement. However, there will always be at minimum one mage on the council.

The current Knight of One is Claris Bozard. The current War Leader is Damon Vitkus.

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