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The Scam

The PCs unknowingly encounter a group of Pirates attempting to lure them in with false rumors of buried treasure.

Back Story

One of the smaller groups of Pirates has a secret hideout on Skull Atoll.

This particular group has two ships. They start the scam by sailing in their smaller ship to a civilized island, pretending to be a Courier crew. They tell a rumor of seeing a large pirate ship stop at Skull Atoll, where the crew was seen digging. They explain their presence there by saying they got lost while trying to deliver some cargo to Arcanus.

They leave the island in question, returning to Skull Atoll, where they have several caves to hide in. Foolhardy individuals often come looking for the treasure, only to be quickly surrounded by pirates. The pirates kill anyone that resists and then force everyone else onto their bigger ship to be sold as slaves in Cutthroat Cove on Ribcage.

The group behind this scam usually waits about six months before starting all over again on a different island.

Starting the Encounter

This encounter can be started just about anywhere rumors might be heard, but a tavern in a port is most appropriate.

The Pirates will hang around any large group of people, pretending to be a Courier crew.

The PCs will overheard the words “pirate treasure” from a group of drunken/noisy sailors. If they ask, then the PCs will be told the lies from the Back Story in hushed tones. An influence roll will “convince” one of the pirates to mark the location on a map.

Searching for the Treasure

The “treasure” is always located several hours journey inland from the shore of one of the islands of Skull Atoll. The location is almost always a box canyon or other easy ambush. The Pirates will have camouflaged traps and hiding places all around it.

They'll do their best to surround the PCs and outnumber them by at least three to one. They want to take the PCs alive and sell them as slaves, so they'll use weapons dosed with Drow Sleep Poison or some other disabling toxin.

Concluding the Encounter

The PCs kill the Pirates, but never discover any treasure. If they interrogate any prisoners, they'll discover there never was any.

Alternatively, the PCs might be defeated and sold as slaves in Cutthroat Cove on Ribcage. Their gear will be taken from them to be sold. The Pirates keep their slaves drugged during the journey, so the PCs will wake/recover at the slave market, getting eyed by potential buyers.

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