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The PCs encounter orcs.

Back Story

Orcs are the most organized and militaristic of the goblin-kin. They often work as mercenaries, but are just as often seen pillaging the countryside.

Lone Orc

Solitary orcs are rarely a problem, but may be working as a scout or spy for a larger group.


Any group of orcs without a leader will likely turn to banditry to get by, mugging people on the road or holding up travelers to exact a “toll” from them.

Raiding Party

Composed of at least five Warriors and a Leader, raiding parties are more organized and often looking to form an army by getting other goblin-kin (and occasionally an ogre or two) working together. When successful, the orcs will serve to keep the goblins, hobgoblins and kobolds in line. It takes a large number of orcs to get an ogre to listen, but offering an ogre money can also get them to follow orders.

If working alone, then they're most likely a special-purpose unit from a larger army, with a specific goal in mind. This can be anything from a simple scouting mission to taking out a specific, dangerous individual.

Their usual targets are human and demi-human villages in border areas where their government is spread too thin to help.


Orcs armies are often orc-led armies of goblin-kin. It's quite rare for orcs to work alone in large numbers, but they may if they haven't the time to organize other races or have a good reason not to.

The army will be led by a General, plus a Leader for every twenty Warriors. The Warriors themselves will be spread among the other races or form into special-purpose units with important missions. For every ten Warriors there may be one Martial Artist.

The other races in the army will be used as shock troops to minimize orc casualties. Hobgoblins never realize what's going on, because they think going first is a good way to prove themselves. Goblins and kobolds are bullied into this by the orcs, but can rarely find a way out. Ogres don't mind, because they're tough enough to take it and live.

Mercenary Squad

Mercenary squads can be composed of almost any number of orcs, but not usually more than twenty. They'll have at least one Leader and possibly one or two Martial Artists.

They often work as body guards for unsavory characters or those wishing to discourage unsavory types, since orcs are well-known for their brutality.

The Leaders of these bands have Code of Honor (Professional) and may even be card-carrying Mercs.

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