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The PCs encounter ogres.

Back Story

Ogres are brutish, large humanoids with almost no understanding of subtlety. In addition, they're greedy and enjoy the taste of human and demi-human flesh. Thus, they're most often seen raiding the countryside, looking for money and their favorite food.

They often work as mercenaries for unsavory characters, but their temperamental nature leads to only brief periods of employment.

They're always led by the biggest and strongest ogre, who keeps the others in line by being a worse bully than the rest.

Oddly enough, ogres are often in charge of goblin-kin armies, because no one wants to ague with them. The smaller races are smarter, but can never get the ogres to listen. Orcs in large numbers or offering treasure can get ogres to listen.

Ogres prefer to outnumber their foes, but will attack anyway if they have reason to think they'll win.

They don't use strategy and tactics unless accompanied by a Chief, but even then, their tricks will be fairly primitive.

Lone Ogre

Any lone ogre is probably roaming around, looking for treasure or food. They'll attack just about anything they think they can kill.

Lone ogres are usually outcasts, due to some kind of major personality aberration (by ogre standards).

Raiding Party

Raiding parties are any group of two members or more. With eleven or more, one will be a Leader. With sixteen or more, one will be a Chief and at least two will be Leaders.

Mercenary Squad

This will be similar to a raiding party, except there's almost always a Leader present, but no Chief.

They'll be working for someone or something else. They'll follow simple instructions from their employer as long as the money and food are good. If their employer is absent for a long time, they're likely to let standards slip and/or make mistakes.

The big difference here is a matter of motivation. They'll likely be doing things ogres don't usually do.

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