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The PCs encounter a group of tribal goblins.

Back Story

Goblins are pretty simple to find motivations for. They're cowardly, paranoid and sadistic little buggers. They like to pillage if they can away with it and will attack anyone they think they can overcome.

The shamans and chiefs speak languages other than Goblin. The warriors only speak Goblin.

Scouting Party

Scouting parties serve to discover what's near the tribe, or to gather more information on a known threat/target. Scouting parties are three to eight warriors strong.

They'll be using stealth and will wish to avoid conflict.

Scouting parties are often the pre-cursor to a war party, if they think the tribe can overcome the PCs and they're still in the same place when they come back.

Hunting Party

This is very similar to a scouting party, except that the warriors are out to gather food. They're likely after a boar, deer or other common game, depending on the area. Numbers range from two to four warriors. Larger groups are possible when they're after big game, such as an elephant or the like.

They can be encountered while checking/setting traps or they may be in active pursuit of an animal. Alternatively, they may have caught something and are carrying the carcass home.

Hunting parties are likely to assume the PCs are out to steal their food.

War Party

War parties will be at least twenty warriors strong and may be accompanied by their Chief. They'll have some kind of target in mind, such as another goblin tribe, but they may be out to raid a non-goblin village.

If the PCs get in the way and the warriors think they can defeat them, they will attack.

The PCs might be able to talk their way out of the encounter if they speak Goblin or the group has their Chief with them. The group will be more paranoid if the Chief is with them.

Displaced Tribe

Entire tribes are sometimes forced out of their lair for various reasons and may be encountered with women, children and the shaman (if the tribe has one). They'll be living out of primitive skin tents.

The number of women should roughly equal the men, but may out-number them, depending on circumstances. Children will roughly equal the number of women.

The men will take up a defensive posture around the women and the women will stand in front of the children, but all of them will abandon their positions and scatter if the battle turns against them.

The tribe will be preceded by a number of hunting and scouting parties. Any party that encounters trouble will immediately run to the main group to warn them.

They'll seek to avoid trouble, but will be very paranoid. They'll be looking for a new home, such as a convenient cave.

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