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What a Stupid Dragon

The PCs are given an odd assignment: they're to help one of their own capture a dragon.

Normally one would expect a dragon to be quite intelligent. This one is…different.

Back Story

George is a heavily brain-damaged dragon. Rumor has it a group of mercenaries dropped the ceiling of his lair on his head. He's barely capable of speaking any more and other dragons now shun him.

He actually has a longer name, but is unable to remember or even pronounce it. He calls everyone Dave, for some unknown reason.

George has been rampaging through his territory, eating almost everything that can't talk, while extorting marbles from villagers under threat of death. Those still living in the area are preparing to move away, as they're unable to make a living under such circumstances.

The League of Adventurers has gotten wind of this situation and is dispatching a group (the PCs) to take care of George. However, they also see this as an opportunity. Dragons are normally too smart to be domesticated. This one is too stupid to be left alone, but not smart enough to be reasoned with. Zana Brouillard, the League's expert on monsters of all kinds, wants to try taming this one.

The PCs are supposed to help her with this.

Adventure Synopsis

  • The PCs are asked to help Zana.
  • They arrive on the island and encounter a group of refugees, fleeing the island due to the “stupid dragon.”

Give a short description of the sequence of events that should happen over the course of the adventure. Summarize any special events that are to happen and what would trigger them.

Starting the Adventure

Describe possible adventure hooks to get the PCs involved in the story.

[Name Adventure Parts]

Each section of the adventure should have a unique name, so it's easy to reference. Add a section to the page for each part of the adventure. Describe in detail what happens during this chunk of the story.

Flavor text to be read to the players may be marked like this (1×1 table):

This is flavor text.

Concluding the Adventure

Detail how to end the story. List possible hanging plot elements that might be revisited at a later date. Describe rewards and/or penalties that might be obtained for success or failure.

Maps and Locations

Display maps and describe the locations found within. Be sure to detail any unusual conditions.


Files for GCS character sheets for the characters should be linked to from here.

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