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Staff of Destruction

The Staff of Destruction has surfaced once more, in the hands of a now-crazed wizard, bent on killing every last thing in his path. The PCs just happen to be in his path.

Back Story

The League of Adventurers has been keeping the Staff of Destruction in the Warehouse of Unusually Dangerous Items. One of the wizards that keep an eye on it accidentally tripped and fell on it, activating it's curse.

His companions tried to stop him, but were completely out-classed. After a few minutes of wanton destruction (and the destruction of a few of the less potent items within), he teleported out of the warehouse and into the capitol city, Medusa.

Adventure Synopsis

Give a short description of the sequence of events that should happen over the course of the adventure. Summarize any special events that are to happen and what would trigger them.

Starting the Adventure

Describe possible adventure hooks to get the PCs involved in the story.

[Name Adventure Parts]

Each section of the adventure should have a unique name, so it's easy to reference. Add a section to the page for each part of the adventure. Describe in detail what happens during this chunk of the story.

Flavor text to be read to the players may be marked like this (1×1 table):

This is flavor text.

Concluding the Adventure

Detail how to end the story. List possible hanging plot elements that might be revisited at a later date. Describe rewards and/or penalties that might be obtained for success or failure.

Maps and Locations

Display maps and describe the locations found within. Be sure to detail any unusual conditions.


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