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Snow Day

This is a simple time-filler adventure intended to be inserted anywhere you like in an ongoing campaign, whether it's intended for Islands of War or not. All you need is a little snow on the ground and a village near some mountains with children who felt like making a snow man with the demon-infested silk hat they just found.

This is what the tale of Frosty the Snowman might have been like if he were evil and capable of building an army of demonic ninja snowmen to do his bidding. “There must have been some demon in that old silk hat they found…”

You can easily re-tool this adventure to fit into an on-going campaign by simply changing a few names. I'm deliberately leaving the setting a little vague for this reason.

This adventure should have little to no lasting impact on the campaign.

Back Story

Twenty years ago, in the small village of White Peak, a powerful snow demon attacked with an army of ninja snowmen. It's motivations were never clear to the villagers, but it seemed to want to cause as much death and destruction as possible.

After two days of battling the horde with torches, bonfires and flaming arrows, the villagers were running out of fuel for the fires. They were getting desperate and the snowmen just kept coming, no matter how many they killed.

At the end of his rope, a local wizard managed to sneak past the army and get close to their leader. Having dabbled in demon summoning and binding in the past, he was confident he could stop the demon. He hoped that the army would be disorganized without their leader.

After a pitched battle that started an avalanche, the wizard managed to bind the demon to his adventuring hat, a simple silk cap. Unfortunately, the wizard had no way to stop the avalanche, which buried him and claimed his life.

Without their leader, the ninja snowman army turned into a horde of ordinary snowmen, as harmless as can be. Nonetheless, the villagers quickly dispatched them, lest they prove to be troublesome anyway.

Only a few people in the village even remember this incident and those who do have no desire to tell the tale, as it was a harrowing experience they'd prefer not to think about.

The children of the village, blissfully unaware, decided to make snow men in the very same mountain pass that the horde originally approached from. To their astonishment, they even found a wonderful silk hat to put on one of them!

They were even more astonished as the snowman started to move! The children were quite happy their creation was alive and were hoping to spend the day playing with it.

“I live!” it bellowed into the cold air as it looked into the sky!

Turning to look at the excited children all around, it smiled broadly with it's coal teeth and started to laugh in a most unsettling way. The children scattered in all direction, but were quickly grabbed by hands formed from tree limbs they had personally stabbed into their snowmen.

Each and every one of the snowmen they'd spent so much time on had become a terrifying enemy.

After the children were imprisoned in a cell made of icicles, the snowman army began building more.

After their leader was happy with the size of his army, he sent a messenger down to the village with a simple message, “Submit to the Snow King willingly, and he may spare your children. Resist and they all die.”

The villagers had little choice. They now serve the Snow King (the lead snowman).

Adventure Synopsis

  • The PCs are traveling though the area, on their way to somewhere else.
  • They stop in White Peak to rest for the night.
  • They notice a huge number of snowmen everywhere in town.
  • The villagers say the children love to build snowmen.
  • The PCs should hopefully notice that there aren't any children anywhere.
  • They ask about this oddity.
  • Someone admits the truth, but begs them to just leave; the villagers don't dare risk the lives of their children by trying to rescue them.
  • The Violent Path
    • The PCs kill some snowmen.
    • The villagers turn on them to show that they're not resisting.
    • They fight their way to the Snow King.
  • The Subtle Path
    • Alternatively, the PCs get the villagers to “turn them over” to the Snow King, so they can get close to him.
    • Surprise! The PCs are armed and ready to kill the Snow King!
  • They discover that any slain snowman reforms by the Snow King's side.
  • They attack the Snow King, but he isn't hurt by any of their attacks!
  • They knock the hat off his head
    • His minions freeze and he can't do anything.
    • The PCs realize that the hat is important and do some research, discovering that there's a demon inside.
  • They destroy the hat
    • This releases the demon in it's true form
    • The snowmen start fighting again, if they're still intact
    • The PCs destroy/banish the Snow King
  • Everybody is happy!
  • The End

Major Variations

  • When the PCs destroy the hat, the Snow King is wearing a magic Santa suit that makes him immune to fire.
    • Allow a few well-placed cutting attacks to remove it.
  • The Snow King is carrying a huge shield made of true ice.
    • He can use this to block fire attacks, since it won't ever melt.
    • Give him some skill in Shield skill.

Starting the Adventure

It's been a long day trudging through the snow. Long and cold. It's beginning to get dark, but as you keep an eye out for a good place to camp, you see a small village up ahead.

Ah…staying in an inn would be wonderful about now. Much better than staying in a tent for the night.

When the PCs get closer, read this:

It's a little village full of badly-made snow men. They're everywhere. If you had to guess, you'd say there's at least one for every person in town. Odd.

As you're staring at the snowmen, one of the villagers, a short, portly fellow, explains, “The children made them. They've got quite the fascination with building them. They make two or three every day.

“Anyway, I suppose you'll be looking for the inn, right? Travelers usually stay there. Gets them out of the cold for a night.”

This fellow will direct them to the inn if they say yes. If anyone asks, there aren't any children in sight. If the villagers are questioned about this, they'll be informed that it's likely past their bed time.

If anyone eyes the snowmen even closer, read this:

The snowman's face is made of coal and it has no nose. It's body is composed of three large snow balls. The largest forms the base, while the smallest serves as the head. There are two stick poked into it's sides for arms. It's naked; you're guessing the children didn't have any scarfs or hats to spare for it.

The Inn

The inn is warm and comfortable. It feels good to be indoors after all that time spent in the cold weather.

Rooms are available for the usual prices for an inn catering to Status 0 (see p. B265), but they do have one room befitting Status 1. There isn't currently anyone staying at the inn, so the owners are quite happy to have customers.

If the PCs sleep here, read this to one of them at random:

You awaken suddenly as you notice the sound of someone sobbing fairly loudly. You now seem to remember the innkeeper's wife idly mentioning that your room is next to theirs. You're almost certain that it's her voice.

Things will become quiet again rather quickly. If the PCs knock on the innkeeper's door, the sobbing will stop and the innkeeper will answer, “Is everything all right?” If they insist on seeing his wife, she'll seem bleary-eyed and tired, but also annoyed at the person so rudely interrupting her rest in the night.

The truth is, she was crying because she hasn't seen her children in almost a week. She's worried about them, but she doesn't dare complain openly. She doesn't dare ask for help either.

In the morning, secretly make Perception rolls for each PC. If they succeed, read this to the player:

You notice three small pairs of shoes neatly arranged near the main hearth for the inn. They're far too small to be the innkeeper's or his wife's. You haven't seen any children anywhere in the inn yet and it's time for breakfast: the innkeeper and his wife are eating.

If questioned, the owners will insist that they don't have children. If specifically asked about the shoes, the inkeeper's wife will burst into tears:

The innkeeper's wife bursts into tears, “I can't do this anymore!”

As she sobs uncontrollably, her husband sighs and whispers to you, “I guess the cats out of the bag.

“All the children in the village have been kidnapped by a monster calling itself 'The Snow King.' I hear tell that it's some kind of magic snowman. I haven't seen it myself, but it's servants are all over town. You must have noticed the snow men all over the village, right?

“Well, they aren't so harmless as they appear. They're very dangerous monsters, just like their master.

“We don't dare disobey the Snow King. He's had most of us working up in it's mountain pass building some kind of doorway out of ice and snow. It's over forty feet tall and intricately designed. If anyone makes even the slightest mistake, it has them beat within an inch of their life.

“Now, I've told you the tale. Will you please leave? We don't want anyone risking the lives of our children.”

It will take a successful influence roll for each of them to get them to hope for the rescue of their children. If the PCs convince this couple to let them help, they'll convince the rest of the village, as they're respected pillars of this community.

Even if convinced, they will not openly oppose the Snow King. The PCs will have to work mostly alone, but the villagers will lend them some small help here and there. For instance, they'll dress the PCs like villagers and send them up the mountain pass to the Snow King's project, but they will not fight him directly.

The Violent Way

If the PCs don't get the villagers to help them, they can try fighting their way up the mountain pass to the Snow King. There are 25 Demon Ninja Snowmen in the village, and 25 spread through the whole pass. If any one of them is killed, the Snow King will send the one that was “slain” as the leader of a group for a search and destroy mission. They'll pick up each of their comrades along the way and soon the PCs will have most of the Snow King's army to deal with. Remember, they're Unkillable and come back to life next to the snow king. This will give the appearance of a limitless supply of snowman troops, as each that is killed comes back down to pass to fight again.

The Subtle Way

If convinced that the PCs can help, the innkeeper and his wife will wait for the usual group of villagers that carry the day's food up to the work site to come in the inn. They'll get the PCs to trade clothes with them and then they'll send the PCs in their place. This way, the PCs can get close to the Snow King unsuspected, or they might have a chance to rescue the children.

The villagers will send them up the pass with at least one of their own number, so that the PCs will have some help pretending to be villagers.

Concluding the Adventure

The PCs will have to kill the Snow King, but first, they'll have to realize that he's a demon bound in a hat. Destroying the hat will release him, but he's quite a lot tougher this way. This means that they'll have to fight him twice. For more information, consult the appropriate location, below.

If the PCs kill the snow king, then the villagers will give them a magic weapon as a sign of thanks. It should be some kind of weapon that's useful to the party. It does an extra 2 fatigue damage with the Freezing Enhancement as a follow-up attack.


The important locations are the Village of White Peak, Mountain Pass, Work Site, Prison and the Throne.

Village of White Peak

White Peak is the small village that serves as part of the setting for this adventure. You can easily make this into any village you like, just so long as it's near a mountain pass and is currently snow-covered. The village should at the least contain an inn, however.

If you're not retooling, then this is a simple village with lots of residences and a single inn. There are no other services available, but the inn does sell items useful to travelers, such as rations.

Mountain Pass

If the PCs are taking the violent approach, read this:

As you begin making your way through the foothills and up the mountain pass, you see a group of five snowmen sliding down the hill at high speed! They're approaching you with angry looks on their faces.

Suddenly, they spring into the air, coming in for an attack!

The snowmen are using their built-in skis to gain speed. When they get within attack range, they'll spring into a Flying Jump Kick while retracting their skis. Give them an extra +2 to damage for this initial attack, as they've got quite a lot of momentum. If the PCs slay these monsters, then they'll have to fight their way up the pass for about a half mile!

If the PCs take the subtle approach, read this instead:

As you begin making your way through the foothills and up the mountain pass, you see a group of five snowmen sliding down the hill at high speed! They're approaching you.

Your guide quickly whispers, “Be calm. They're here to make sure we belong. Just stay quiet. I'll do the talking.”

The snowmen come even closer, allowing you to see that they're each standing on a pair of icy runners similar to what you might find on the bottom of a sled. This seems to be how they were moving so fast.

They come to a halt just ahead of your group, spraying snow into the air as they turn in a sideways skid. The lead snowman slides across the snow toward your guide and stares straight at him.

He pats his pack with the food in it and says, “Food for the day's work.”

The snowman nods and then turns to look at each of you in turn. It lifts it's tree-limb arm and points/waves at each of you, as if expecting some kind of explanation. Then it looks back at your guide.

He apologizes, “The usual fellows are sick. Nasty cold that's going through the village. I had to get these others to help me carry the food.”

The snowman nods, obviously satisfied with his response.

With that, the snowmen begin escorting you further up the pass.

Work Site

The work site is on the right hand side near the top of the pass.

Up ahead, you see a huge scaffolding setup with villagers working on it. They seem to be building a huge archway composed of cubes of ice. The workers look tired; many of them seem obviously sick or injured.

At the base of the scaffolding is an empty table and a group of workers shaping ice blocks for the arch.

There are at least ten snowmen here, keeping an eye on the operation.

The arch is about 40 feet tall. If the work is completed (two weeks from now), it will open a portal to the Snow King's home plane allowing two more demons just like him to come through. Each of these is one of his more powerful servants.

If the PCs have taken the violet way:

As you approach, the workers quickly climb down from the scaffolding and run further up the pass! You hear one of them screaming, “Snow King! Strangers!”

You get a terrible feeling in your gut, like something bad is about to happen.

If the PCs have been subtle:

Your snowman escorts lead you to the empty table, where your guide begins unloading his pack of food. After all of the food has been unloaded, the workers make their way over to the table, one small group after another.

Eventually, the whole group is busing eating, while the snowmen have taken up a defensive perimeter.

Your guide motions you close, “All-right. We can make a distraction if you like. We could even keep the guards busy so you can do whatever you're going to do.”

If they want a distraction, their guide will walk up to one of the snowmen and start telling it off. This will get him a severe beating, during which the snowmen will be focused on that for about ten seconds. This will allow the PCs to sneak off to face the Snow King/rescue the children/whatever.


The make-shift prison that the Snow King had his snowmen make for the captured children is on the left side about a quarter mile further up the pass from the work site.

On the left side of the pass, you see a small cave dug out of a sheer ice wall. The entrance has been blocked by intentionally place ice bars. They're definitely too thick to be easily broken.

There are four snowmen here, guarding the cave. They look very alert.

The snowmen will attack anyone that comes close, and this will in turn trigger an assault from every available snowman, except the Snow King, as any that are slain will re-appear next to their king. The Snow King himself will stay at his throne.

If the PCs got here subtly, then the potential number of snowmen that will attack is actually relatively small, as only those stationed at the Throne can know the PCs are here.

All the village's children are huddled inside the cave. They're very frightened. The snowmen feed them daily.

If you wish to complicate things, some of the children can be suffering from various stages of hypothermia.


You turn a corner in the pass and come across a magnificent throne made of ice. Sitting on this throne is a very detailed snowman, complete with coal eyes and mouth, a carrot nose, a plaid scarf and a nice-looking silk cap. This must be the Snow King.

There are at least a dozen other snowmen around the throne. They appear to be listening as the Snow King speaks.

As it sees you, it's cheerful grin turns to a frown. It points at you and shouts, “Kill them!”

Currently, the snow King is bound in the hat and only able to use two powers: it can control snow and it was able to summon it's servants into the snowmen bodies the PCs have seen many times already.

There are normally fifteen regular snowmen here besides the Snow King.

The snow king is using it's ability to control snow to animate the snowman the hat is perched on. The only thing that could stop it is knocking the hat off it's head somehow. Doing so will cause it's minions to stop moving until the hat is placed on another snowman or the hat.

No amount of damage to it's body will help unless a single attack does 20 or more damage. Anything less will allow the Snow King to gather snow from it's surroundings to rebuild itself.

The Snow King will not engage the PCs directly, instead staying back so it's minions can attack them freely.

If the hat is destroyed, it will be freed, and it will take on it's true form (from it's character sheet) and then begin using it's breath attacks to support it's minions. If the Snow King's true form is destroyed, all it's minions will immediately die and be unable to reform anywhere but on their home plane.

Sharacter Sheets


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