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A Light in the Belfry

This is a set of notes and converted characters for using the AD&D 2nd Edition adventure A Light in the Belfry. These notes will allow you to easily make use of the adventure in Islands of War.

This will also explain the presence of Avonleigh in the Tatters instead of Ravenloft (as the adventure states).

Back Story

Years before the events described by the 13 shards, Morgoroth got his hands on one of the five Lores of the Language Primeval. However, without the first Lore (the one the Wizard's Guild currently possesses), he could not put it to proper use. He became much more skilled at magic by studying it, but gained nothing more.

The creator of the Archipelago sought out the five Lores and carefully determined their locations through pain-staking research. Then he tore the land around them from the Prime Material Plane and drew it into this demi-plane.

He knew Morgoroth would be trouble, so he waited and watched, looking for a moment of vulnerability. Just when it was least expected, he drew in Avonleigh via a massive planar portal masked by an artificial storm. Acting quickly, he imprisoned Aurora in a crystal coffin to further drive Morgoroth off the deep end (mostly for the sake of satisfying a twisted sense of humor, but also to keep him off balance) and set a powerful magical trap around the island. This trap was sprung when Morgoroth attempted to leave via a Mirror Walk variant that allows planar travel.

Morgoroth now unknowingly serves as a guardian of the Lore hidden within Tergeron Manor.

Adventure Synopsis

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Files for GCS character sheets for the characters should be linked to from here.

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