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Mirror Walk

Colleges Transmutation
Components Verbal, Hand
Casting Time 1 + Variable
Duration 1 use

While this is one of the easiest teleportation spells to cast, it's also among the most dangerous. Anyone fool enough to dawdle inside the mirror (as inexperienced companions often do, without realizing the danger) will have to deal with a mirror duplicate of themselves.

These mirror duplicates follow the guidelines given in the Evil Twin section of Enemies (see p. B135). Their main desire is to escape the mirror in place of the real person.

Mirror duplicates that have escaped bear the Supernatural Feature (Living Reflection) Disadvantage for -10 points. The real person (trapped in the mirror) will typically be seen banging on the reflective surface, silently screaming, every time the duplicate would normally be reflected. This lasts until the real one dies (usually of hunger or thirst). This Disadvantage is then replaced by Supernatural Feature (No Reflection).

As long as the original is still alive, they can be retrieved by returning the duplicate via a second casting of this spell (or any similar effect). However, this will require another fight between the two to escape.

Everyone appears to have reversed features when looking through a mirror to the other side, but it's merely an optical illusion. In actuality, every duplicate looks exactly like the original.

Warp [20] 
    Based on Activation Roll [+5%] 
    Tunnel [+40%] 
    Fixed Duration [+0%] 
        Applies to tunnel; 10 seconds 
    Environmental [-20%] 
        Requires a mirror-like reflective surface at the origin and destination 
    Takes Extra Time 6 [-60%] 
        This is travel time, not casting time 
        Journey requires 32 seconds at full ground Move for the caster 
    Nuisance Effect (Dawdling Attracts Mirror Duplicates) [-15%] 
        Taking longer than 32 seconds inside the mirror attracts 
            mirror duplicates of everyone passing through 
        Their goal is to escape the mirror, leaving the traveler trapped 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Spell Components [-20%] 
        Must say "mirror" in Latin 
        Must gesture with hands 
Level 1 [30] 
    Add Extra Carrying Capacity (Light) [+10%] 
Level 2 [40] 
    Increase Extra Carrying Capacity to Medium [+10%] 
Level 3 [50] 
    Increase Extra Carrying Capacity to Heavy [+10%] 
Level 4 [70] 
    Increase Extra Carrying Capacity to Extra-Heavy [+20%] 
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