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Sebastion's Reflective Regard

Colleges Illusion
Components Verbal
Casting Time 1 second
Duration Minutes equal to margin of success of activation roll

This spell can create up to 6 flat, mirror-like surfaces. Each reflector can be up to 6 yards by 6 yards and must initially be within 20 yards of the caster. This is enough to create a cube of mirrors around a particular subject, if desired.

This spell was intended to turn a Medusa's gaze back on it, but it has a variety of other uses, since the reflectors can be arranged in any way the caster desires.

This spell was created by Sebastion Clay of the Hazard Harbingers and he hasn't shared it with anyone, because almost no one knows it even exists. He would gladly share it for a steep price, however.

Control (Visible Light) 6 [81] 
    This is a broad sub-category of Light (Common) 
    That makes Visible Light Occasional 
    Independent [+40%] 
    Ranged [+40%] 
    Reduced Range (x1/5) [-20%] 
    Reflectors only [-50%] 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Spell Components [-10%] 
        Must say "reflect" in Latin 
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