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Colleges Charm
Components Verbal, Hand
Casting Time 1 second
Duration Permanent
Requirements Unusual Background (Enchanter)

The resulting magic item has a maximum speed of 15 yards per second and may carry up to 200 lbs without reducing speed. This is normally enough to carry one person. If this capacity is exceeded, treat the item as though it's ST were 10.

Directing flight uses one of the new specialties of Piloting, based on the form of the enchanted object.

This enchantment costs $4,000 on anything similar to a broom (occupancy: 1), $72,400 on a small carpet (occupancy: 2), $217,200 on a large carpet (occupancy: 6) and finally, $646,000 on a gazebo (occupancy: 18). In all cases, increase the cost by 10% per additional level of Flying Move. All levels of Flying Move above 20 increase cost by 40% per level.

Affliction [141.5] 
    Advantage [+1040%] 
        Compartmentalized Mind (Dedicated Controls) 1 [9] 
            Magical [-10%] 
        Flight [36] 
            Based on Basic Speed 5 [+0%] 
            Magical [-10%] 
        Flying Move 5 [9] 
            Magical [-10%] 
        Payload 100 [50] 
            Exposed [-50%] 
            Magical [-10%] 
    Extended Duration (Permanent) [+300%] 
    Malediction (As Regular Spell) [+100%] 
    Based on Activation Roll [+5%] 
    Melee Attack (Reach C, No Parry) [-35%] 
    Only Works on Objects That Can be Ridden [-60%] 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Requirements [-5%] 
        Unusual Background (Enchanter) [5] 
    Spell Components [-20%] 
        Must say "fly" in Latin 
        Must gesture with hands 
Levels 2+ [+1.8/level] 
    Increase Flying Move by 1 [+18%] 
Optional Payload [+50/additional passenger] 
    Increase Payload by 100 for each additional passenger allowed [+500%] 
    This must be added based on the size of the enchanted item 
        Use the occupancy figures listed above as a guideline 
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