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Will o'wisp

The Will o'wisp are a swamp-dwelling race. Superficially, they're similar to Spirit Sprites, in that they're naturally invisible and can produce light. That's where the resemblance ends, however, since they have a physical form and can produce very simple illusions, not just light. They're also highly resistant to magic, with one exception: they're affected normally by banishment effects, such as the Maze spell.

Will o'wisp live on the electrical activity of panic-stricken brains. They absorb this energy by passing through the electromagnetic field produced by the brain. This does not affect the victim in any manner, but provides them with sustenance.

However, the tactics used to produce panic often result in the victim's eventual death.

They prefer to lure unsuspecting victims into natural hazards in their swamps. Furthermore, they prefer hazards that leave their victims alive, but trapped for quite some time, such as quicksand. This allows them more time to feed.

They lure their victims using illusions of light sources of any color, to produce curiosity or to make a lost individual believe they're seeing torchlight in the distance. Children often fall victim to this trick, wandering into the swamp in pursuit of the pretty lights.

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