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Vampires are the undead, blood-sucking creatures of legend.

Vampire Characters

It should be noted that vampires function as though they have two racial templates. They have a base race retained from when they were alive and they've also got the Vampire template. When they change shapes, normally their base racial template is what changes, so in bat or wolf form, they're still capable of feeding. However, when they take on Gaseous Form, this replaces only the Vampire Form from the Vampire template.

If the GM wishes to allow vampire PCs, then it should be noted that the optional abilities in the template file may be purchased with earned character points. The older a vampire is, the more of these should be added to represent their age. However, only truly ancient (1000+ years old) vampires ever gain Extreme Regeneration.

Some very rare vampires (usually the oldest of the old, but even more rarely the young ones) lack the Weakness to sunlight.

PC vampires are required to take either Social Stigma (Monster) or Secret (Possible Death). It's also recommended that they buy off Uncontrollable Appetite (Humanoid Blood).

The player of a vampire PC should explain how their character is getting the blood they need to survive. An Ally, Ally Group or Dependent(s) that don't mind being fed on are all distinct possibilities.

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