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Construct Island

Construct Island is a sandy, desert island with little of interest to an outsider, aside from a few stunning ruins left by a previous civilization.

The few living locals are quite skilled at constructing golems of all shapes and sizes. They do so mostly for the sake of export.

The Golem Forge

The forge is a large archway covered in magical runes at the center of the island's largest ruin. Who or what originally enchanted it is a mystery, since the forge was there when the island was first colonized.

This powerful artifact is used by the locals to enchant golems, without the aid of a wizard. It's guarded by a standing army of several thousand sand stone golems.

It's capable of casting a variety of Golem-related spells on behalf of the user. It's Magery level varies by each user, based on the lowest skill level used to construct the potential golem or golems (some Golem variations can enchant multiple golems at once). Use the following table to determine magery level:

Skill Level Magery Level
10 or less 0
11 10
12 40
13 90
14 160
15 250
16 360
17 490
18 640
19 810
20+ 1000

The forge has an energy reserve of 20, which refills at the rate of 1 point per minute. No skill roll is required to enchant the golem, but the usual skill rolls for shaping the materials are required.

Only locals are allowed to use the forge.

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