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Sisterhood of the Healing Hands

The Sisterhood of the Healing Hands is an order of women that have devoted themselves to a god of empathy. The Sisterhood is famous for the selfless actions of it's members. It's most famous for a member that died curing an entire city of a disease by taking it on herself.

There is no general membership and they do not normally hold religious meetings. Instead, they focus on giving aid and comfort to others.

Strangely enough, they don't even have any kind of organization. There's only individuals helping out where they can.

Joining the sisterhood is easy; one merely has to express a desire to join to one of the members and then train with them for a time.

Each trained member gains, at the very least, the Healing Advantage with Faith Healing and either the Empathic Limitation or a +0% feature that turns all costs in FP into half as many HP. Most also gain some level of Regeneration, which is often limited to repairing the damage received from healing others. Other abilities are possible, as long as they're fitting with a god of empathy.

These traits bear the Divine Power Modifier and the required Disadvantage(s) come from a choice of Honesty, any form of Pacifism and Selfless. If the disadvantages chosen go beyond -10 points, an additional Pact for the rest may be added.

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