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Servants of the Magus

The Servants of the Magus worship magic itself. The members are mostly wizards, but the general populace is sometimes drawn in by readily available miracles.

The Servants have a simple philosophy that guides their behavior: Magic exists for the betterment of all. This is expressed in a variety of ways.

They try to educate the populace about magic, so they will not fear it. They also search continually for the naturally gifted, to teach them to use their gifts for the good of all.

Members are required to follow these rules:

  1. Never harm innocents with magic.
  2. Aid those not gifted with magic when they're in need.
  3. Never use magic to break the law.

This constitutes Code of Honor (Servant of the Magus), worth -10 points.

Not everyone that follows the code is a member of this religion, however. Other wizards have chosen to follow the code, because they like the high ideals it represents.


The priests of this religion resemble wizards in nearly every way, but unlike wizards they may also use the modifiers traditionally associated with priests..

They can enhance Magery with All Spells Available and Unusual Methods (Religious and Wizardly), allowing them amazing flexibility, but they must also apply the Requires Holy Symbol in Hand Limitation and a Pact attached to Code of Honor (Servant of the Magus). Most also apply the No Armor Limitation, but this is not required.

Their holy symbol takes the form of either a wand or staff. See Holy Symbol Weapons on p. DF7:33 for instructions on how to build sturdy examples of these that can also be used as a weapon.

These priests sometimes gain other religious advantages, such as True Faith. For them, True Faith repels any kind of magically summoned or controlled creature (including charmed creatures), any creature with a Dependency on Mana and magically-created or animated constructs, such as golems, mummies, skeletons and zombies. However, it will not work on such creatures that were made through non-magical means.

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