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Brotherhood of the Drunken Fist

The Brotherhood of the Drunken Fist is a religion of party-goers and alcoholics. They worship a god of alcoholic beverages and drunkenness.

The general membership are most often young, noisy, rowdy and tend to party into the wee hours of the morning.

Their temples, which resemble taverns in almost every way, hold weekly open-invitation parties.


The priests are unusual, as they've taken a vow of drunkenness. This involves getting intoxicated as often as possible. Combined with their ability to transform water into wine at will, they're almost always completely smashed. Fortunately, for the sake of their livers, they also gain an immunity to the long-term damaging effects of strong drink (but not the hang-overs). This amounts to the Brother of the Drunken Fist Meta-Trait.

Their other divinely-granted powers vary by individual, but always require the priest to be intoxicated to function (a -30% Limitation). Spell-casting is a common gift, but tends to suffer from their intoxication level.

Many of these priests practice the Drunken Fist fighting style. They almost always take the Drunken Fighting Perk, making their intoxicated state into an advantage.

Establishments that serve strong drink of any kind are areas of High Sanctity for these priests and their temples are Very High Sanctity. Places devoted to disapproving of strong drink are Low Sanctity.

Holy Warriors

Surprisingly enough, this religion has holy warriors. They always start out as bouncers or bartenders.

Public Perception

The Brotherhood is not well-liked in the communities they live in and their god is viewed by many almost like a parasite, due to the bad influence he is on his worshipers.


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